Why Eco-friendly Fireplaces Are the Smarter Choice

Eco-friendly fireplaces for your homeThere is nothing like a fireplace to make a room feel cozy. For people intent on fanning cleaner eco-flames, bioethanol technology offers a variety of interesting options. Designed to offer the warmth and coziness of a traditional fireplace minus the negative environmental impact, bioethanol fireplaces burn denatured ethanol (a renewable energy source).

This bio-ethanol is a renewable liquid fuel produced from agricultural by-products that burns clean, without harmful emissions or smoke. The unprecedented design flexibility makes these fireplaces ideal for any home, condo, apartment, or restaurant. Additionally, these outdoor/indoor fireplaces require no vents and need no installation.

What is a bioethanol fireplace?

A bioethanol fireplace is an environmentally-friendly solution that proves to be an effective replacement in place of traditional wood-burning fireplaces and electric hearths. Rather than demanding precious products for fuel, these eco-friendly fireplaces utilize more readily renewable resources to provide the source of flames.

As the name indicates, bioethanol fireplaces use ethanol as the fuel. Bioethanol is nothing but denatured alcohol obtained by fermenting the sugar and starch components of renewable agricultural food products such as sugarcane, corn etc.

Ethanol is eco-friendly and results in a clean-burning fireplace that does not emit smoke and other harmful components into the air. Differing from traditional wood-burning fireplaces, bioethanol heat sources create no smoke and, as a result, do not require a flue or a chimney.

Environmental benefits of bioethanol

The environmental benefits tied to a bioethanol fireplace are many. The wood logs used in conventional fireplaces are obtained from forests, a process that upsets the levels of oxygen in the air and of course, the number of trees in the environment.

The smoke emitted by wood-burning fireplaces contains harmful and volatile compounds that compromise air quality both indoors and outdoors. Instead of emitting polluting smoke into the atmosphere, ethanol releases carbon into the air, the level of which is negligible and comparable to that contained in human breath.

Because ethanol is made from renewable sources, the time required to grow these crops is much shorter than it would take to plant and grow precious trees.

How does an eco-friendly fireplace work?

Just like any unit that burns wood, a bioethanol fireplace works on the concept of burning a fuel source to generate light and heat. The agent that burns here is the ethanol itself. These fireplaces are vent-less and do not require a chimney or flue as they produce no smoke. There are various styles and types of ethanol fireplaces and they all share some common themes.

For example, an ethanol fireplace should bear a structure to hold the fuel source as real fire is produced. The designs available today include some striking features to make the product more appealing.

Designer fireplaces, burners, fireplace grates, fireplace inserts, fireplace screens, and outdoor fireplaces are some of the interesting possibilities bioethanol offers.

Eco-friendly fireplaces are the smart choice

Fireplaces are surely something that tops the list of every individual looking to buy a new house and those with a love for interior decoration. In fact, it is not uncommon to see a fireplace listed as one of the selling points by real estate agents.

A nice fireplace adds to the look of the room while making you feel warm and cozy. Interior designers suggest adding a fireplace to those who are looking to redo a room or upgrade a home. A bioethanol fireplace is perfect for the urban apartment dweller who likes to live in style and comfort while staying within the green limit!

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    It’s true, I recently heard that wood fireplaces are awful for the environment, although I hate to admit that I love the pleasant smell!

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