5 New Year’s Resolutions, 1 Solution

Five 2013 New Year's resolutions, one solutionWhen it comes to New Year’s resolutions, chances are you promise to stick to a few every year. We all do. But what if this year you could get a head start on your resolutions by covering a lot of ground with one very smart decision? Some of the most common 2013 resolutions include:

1- Travel more
2- Further education
3- Improve financial situation
4- Be more positive
5- Get fit/lose weight

Believe it or not, by making the decision to list your home and saving the commission, you can accomplish all of these resolutions. Allow me to elaborate. If you list your home commission-free, you will be savings thousands of dollars in traditional real estate agent commissions. With that extra money you can book a great vacation with the family, learn more about real estate, have a little extra cash handy for a rainy day, feel good about making such a smart decision, and, of course, get a personal trainer.

With all the financial commitments we have in our lives already, it’s difficult to save thousands of dollars and could take a year or years to do so, but by selling your home and saving the commission, you get those thousands in one fell swoop.

Using a service like ours, which provides expert advice, a high-traffic website (we have the no. 1 commission-free real estate website and the second most-visited real estate website in Canada) and tons of additional services, we will assist you in your mission to sell without commission. “Selling your home and saving the commission can be very empowering,” says Scott Bollinger, Licensed Real Estate Broker at Commonsense Network, part of the ComFree network. “You gain confidence knowing that you can achieve the goal of selling your property, and that we are there to support you every step of the way.”

Selling your home and saving the commission can teach you a lot about the real estate process and about yourself. You have the power to make it happen and ensure that this is the year that you stick to those resolutions.

If you plan on buying or selling a home in 2013, visit ComFree.com today.

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