4 Tips to Make Your Home Easier to Sell

Tips to make your home easier to sellFrom the moment you put your home up for sale, you are subjected to scrutiny from the buying public. You are selling your home, and the emphasis  should therefore be on “selling.”

So it is crucial that you make your home look as attractive as possible. This can be done by simply refreshing your wallpaper and curtain choices, or stripping out the old kitchen cabinets to make it more appealing to your target buyer.

For all of you wanting to sell your homes in 2013, you are in luck, as buying and selling in the housing market has shown a considerable increase in the past three months; however this doesn’t mean that we can sit back and relax. As the competition is going to become stronger, it means we have to pull out all the stops to ensure our homes are in perfect selling condition.

Due to this, I have collated a selection of tips which I have acquired over time on how to make your home more appealing to prospective buyers:

1- Make your home sparkle

Cleanliness is essential, whether you are an exceptionally tidy person or not, when selling your home, it is fundamental that everything is absolutely spotless. This means flawless windows to very tidy cupboards.

House hunters can be very nosy, so ensure all closets, wardrobes and cabinets are clean and tidy inside, even if this means putting your clutter into storage, or filling the boot of your car with all of the unnecessary things that would normally fill your drawers.

2- Refresh the décor

Buying a house is a psychological process, which can be affected by the color of the walls to the choice of furniture you have in your immaculate living area. Buyers want to see a potential house for them, not your home. Therefore, in spite of your love for everything pink, you must paint your walls a neutral color; a deep cream or off-white can give homes a warm feel and will give your house the show home look buyers are after.

It is also essential to ensure all fabrics are perfect; this means all carpets, settees and curtains. If they are beyond repair invest in a set of blinds instead of curtains from companies, and rent a steam cleaner for those filthy carpets. These are all little touches that are essential in the process of selling your home.

3- Make any necessary repairs

If there are any parts of your home that are damaged, ensure you repair these immediately. Broken door knobs, damaged walls or chipped paint work needs to be fixed before you invite people to inspect your home, as buyers will be looking for any added work they may have to carry out – which will result in a lower selling price. This is a simple mistake that is seen much too often!

4- Tweak the outside of the house

If the outside of your home is less than desirable, then what makes you think any potential buyers will even want to take a look inside? By making simple changes to the appearance of the outside of your home you can entice more people than you may expect.

By painting your door a fresh inviting color, planting fresh seasonal flowers, and ensuring window frames and door frames have an improved touch of paint; you will already attract people before they have even entered your home.

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  1. Nick says:

    When it comes to selling a house, there are many challenges that a seller may face. Searching for a buyer who is looking for the type of house you are selling is difficult. The tips you have mentioned are very helpful.

  2. You’re right, Steven! Even the easiest way of cleaning is disregarded. Every detail before selling the house must be near perfect to impress the buyers and make the house sale-able. Also you can redesign your house in a casual way to make it simple and presentable.

  3. Steven says:

    Logical tips that people too often forget. Thanks for sharing.

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