How to Use Facebook To Sell Your Home

How to use Facebook to sell your home

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Are you currently selling your home and are looking for other interesting ways to market it to the masses? Well, then, it’s about time that you find out how to use Facebook to sell your home.

Social media has come up with exciting and lucrative ways to stay in touch with thousands of friends, colleagues and acquaintances Facebook has over one billion users today and that number is growing every minute of every day. But using Facebook can be more than just about socializing or getting your news fix.

You can use Facebook to help sell your home right now.

Selling your home online is a smart way to save money. All you need is the right exposure for your home and an effective marketing plan. Nowadays, social media sites like Facebook are one of the most effective options to market your home for sale.

Here, now, are a few tips on how to use Facebook to sell your home:

1- Post a link to it on your Facebook profile

Use your profile to get the message out that you are selling your home. By posting the URL (i.e. into your status update box, Facebook will automatically add the image and text from the website. You can modify the text and write what you think might be pertinent information about your home for sale.

2- Ask your friends to like and share your listing

Whether they go directly to the listing and click on “like” or simply share the link you posted on Facebook, there is no harm in asking your friends and family on Facebook to share your listing so that more eyes see it.

3- Post the link up on our page

Head to ComFree’s Facebook page and post the link to your home there. The Social Media Manager will likely share it and make a comment to let everyone know if you are having an open house or mention something special about the home. The page has well over 3,500 fans to it’s worth promoting on the page.

4- Post pictures

Considering that the images that we take of homes are exceptional, it is highly recommended that you post some of these pictures on your Facebook page to show everyone what it is you are selling exactly.

This way, friends will share the pics and perhaps one of their own friends will see something they like and give you a call.

5- Post a link to your home periodically

In order to keep your home in people’s minds, it is best to push your home whenever something worth mentioning is going on (open house, offers, visits, new images, renos, etc.).

6- Use Facebook advertisements

Purchasing a Facebook ad is a very intuitive way to market your home. For a minimal cost that you can set a maximum cost for, you can “create an ad” through your profile and use it to promote your home to a very niche audience.

I say “niche” because you choose the exact demographic (location, age, gender, etc.) that gets to see the ad and you only pay when someone clicks through to see your actual listing.

Facebook is definitely a smart way to help sell your home so consider using it to further promote your home. It’s your home sale; get the most out of it.

If you plan on selling your home, visit today.

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  1. James Corrigan says:

    Thanks for the tip. I am selling my house in Gold Canyon Arizona. The house is in located at 10572 E. Dutchmans Trail in the Peralta Trails community, next to the Superstition Mountains. Again I thank you.

  2. Helena Grasya says:

    Thank you for this article! Great read!

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