Ceiling Trends for 2013

Ceiling trends for 2013When renovating any room, whether it’s the kitchen, living room or bedroom, it’s easy to forget about the “fifth wall”: the ceiling. Though it’s often an afterthought for DIY interior designers, the ceiling is an important part of any room’s aesthetic.

A plain white ceiling – or worse still, a ceiling with cracks, stains or holes – can cause even the best decorated room to fall flat. Renovating your ceilings is a relatively simple way to add visual appeal and value to your home, as well as a good way to try out current color and texture trends on a smaller scale instead of repainting all four walls.

Designers predict that ceiling trends for 2013 will see décor in bright, heavily saturated colors, inspired by the punched-up look of the hi-res graphics that have become ubiquitous in television and advertisements. A great way to try this out in your home is to brighten up your ceiling with a new coat of paint.

When choosing a color for painting the ceiling, there are a few things you should consider.

Ceiling trends for 2013

Choose a color that complements the walls and décor

Painting the ceiling an accent color (the color of smaller details in furniture’s fabric patterns, for instance) will give the room a coordinated, pulled-together look.

Paint high ceilings a deeper shade

Going a shade deeper than walls will visually balance the high open space with the furnished area below. Conversely, a room with low ceilings will feel less cramped if the ceiling and walls are kept similar colors.

Consider the psychological and emotional effects of color

Blues and violets are soothing and calming, ideal for bedrooms or lounges. Warmer hues, such as reds and oranges, invigorate and stimulate appetite, and thus are ideal for kitchens and dining rooms.

Ceiling trends 2013Choose a flat finish paint

To hide imperfections like cracks or bumps, choose paint with a flat finish, which reflects less light and gives the impression of smooth, seamless color.

Colors expected to be big in 2013 include:
• Yellow
• Black
• Mint green
• Blue

Also on the rise are glossy stretch ceilings: ceiling covers consisting of fabric or polyvinyl chloride membrane film stretched across a perimeter track. This material presents a wide array of decorating options, as well as practical benefits.

Stretch ceilings offer several benefits over plain painted ceilings:

• A properly installed stretch ceiling can improve the acoustic parameters of your room, or even soundproof the room. This can help keep the cacophony of noisy electronics and loud activities in dens, game rooms or family rooms, without disturbing the quiet in nearby bedrooms or offices.

• With a wide variety of colors and textures, and even an option to photo-print images onto the material, these ceilings can match any home’s aesthetic. Fabrics with computer-generated photographic designs will be big in 2013, so why not incorporate that into your ceiling? High gloss, satin and metallic finishes are available as well, and translucent materials allow for creative lighting such as projection or backlighting.

• Stretch ceilings are fire retardant, water repellent, and made from eco-friendly materials. They’re washable, non-toxic and hygienic, too.

Homey, cozy looks are also big for 2013, particularly when it comes to kitchen ceilings. Rustic materials with an antique or vintage appearance, such as wood or natural crackle-glazed tiles, are popular ways to achieve this look.

Installing a wood ceiling in your kitchen can help incorporate this theme into your décor, but bear in mind that this can be a bit pricey. A cheaper alternative is wood laminate, which is often more durable than hardwood, but can sometimes appear unnatural.

So remember, when updating your home’s look to embrace the ceiling trends for 2013 in design and décor, don’t forget to send us the pics!

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