Why Insulating Windows and Doors is so Important

Why Insulating Windows and Doors is so Important

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A home, condominium or apartment can be well decorated and stacked with amenities to please any resident. If the living space loses heat to poor insulation, however, its value will plummet significantly, particularly in regions with extreme high or low temperatures.

Windows and doors are the most common areas of a home that allow heat or air conditioning to seep out, and air movement is inevitable in these spaces. There are several ways, however, to minimize air flow around windows and doorways that will not impact the décor of a home but will drastically lower heating and cooling bills.

Insulating windows and doors is key

Many residents fail to remember the importance of properly insulating a home, as the materials are often found between the walls or under the roof and are rarely seen. Assuming the insulation installed is up-to-date and doing its job is a risky move, which can result in high bills and a rapidly aging home.

To make a living space more energy efficient, environmentally conscious and just plain comfortable, consider double checking the insulation and replacing it if it’s slacking on the job.

Insulation has three main jobs in a home: trap heat inside during the winter, keep heat out during the summer and protect the home from external threats. The ability of insulation to safeguard a home is measured by R-values, which gauge thermal conductivity. The higher the R-value, the more protection the insulation is providing a home.

What you need to insulate windows and doors

When taking on an insulation project or upgrade, residents should be sure to include weather stripping to the to-do list to ensure doors and windows are properly sealed. When these openings to the external world are left unsecure, severe weather conditions can easily enter the home and harm the integrity of the home internally and externally.

Many residents will also replace their windows if they have low R-values and contribute significantly to energy loss in the home. Even a slight increase in R-values around windows or doors through double glazing efforts or glass coatings can greatly improve the overall efficiency of a home. Apart from coverings and strips, residents are also investing in glass walls (opens in new window, takes you to a different website) with superior insulation features to offer the transparency of a window with the protection strength of a wall.

Rather than sacrificing the view, openness and delicate décor of a window-like feature in a home, residents are opting to deploy glass walls that not only enhance a living space’s comfort and convenience, but also keep homes properly protected from external factors.

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