The Most Expensive Homes in Toronto

Most expensive homes in TorontoIn comparison to some other locations in the world that boast homes worth hundreds of millions of dollars, the Toronto housing market seems quite affordable.

However, there are still plenty of high-priced homes that have their foundations set within the greater Toronto area. The following homes have demanded the highest prices in recent years.

The most expensive home in Toronto is a condo

Unbelievably, the most expensive residence to be recently sold in Toronto is, in fact, a condo. The belated owner paid a remarkable $28,000,000, making the 9,038 square-foot condo the most expensive condo in Canadian history.

The steep price tag is largely due to the condo’s superb location. The two-story condo sits above the corner of Bay Street and Yorkville Avenue, the most in-demand location in all of Toronto. The fact that it came with an elevator, movie theatre, salon, gym, and a pool and spa didn’t hurt the price either.

Most expensive homes in Toronto

A 40,000 square-foot modern palace

Prior to the above-mentioned condo, the most expensive residence in all of Toronto was a spectacular 40,000 square-foot home located in the most prestigious neighborhood in all of Toronto. The “Multi-Millionaire Row” palatial home was listed for $26,800,000.

This is not surprising considering the massive residence had nearly everything anyone could ever dream of. The home was designed around an atrium-like enclosed courtyard that houses indoor trees, lounge areas, and a spa.

Around the courtyard lie long halls that lead to the residence’s nine bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, a piano room, theatre, and much more. The leading feature of the home is the indoor sports complex that houses an indoor tennis court, completely modernized bowling alley, and a huge indoor lap pool. It is truly a palatial paradise.

Expensive homes for sale in Toronto

A modern masterpiece

It is not surprising to know that Toronto’s third most expensive home is in the same neighborhood as the house above. This truly goes to show that in real estate, location is paramount for value. At $23,900,000, the 13,600 square foot residence is much smaller than the previous listing. However, it does offer a sleek modern design with all of the bells and whistles that the modern elite could hope for.

The exterior of the home features an expensive snow melt and drainage system, which keeps the driveway and lawn snow-free all winter long. Inside, the home features a full advanced wine cellar, swimming pool, sauna, and a car elevator and garage to suit the avid car collector. The interior of the home is set off by the double marble staircase that gives a dynamic first impression upon entry to the amazing residence.

Richest homes in Toronto

A grand lake shore estate

Rounding out the list of most expensive Toronto homes is a 3.2 acre lakefront estate in Oakville, just outside of Toronto. Though the location of this home’s premium acreage plays a large part in its hefty $18,995,000 price tag, the quality design and interior of the lakefront residence is a factor as well.

The home features six bedrooms, five bathrooms, premium limestone flooring, a massive and beautiful two-story fireplace that was hand-carved from one piece of Crema limestone, and an indoor pool area. The home’s interior features may be stunning, but the lake views absolutely take your breath away.

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