5 Essentials For the Perfect Man Cave

Essentials for a man caveWhen you get married, you give up your bachelor pad in exchange for a home that is perfectly decorated and full of wedding photo albums and eventually children’s toys.

Just because you are settled into married life, does not mean that you no longer get to enjoy a space that is just for you.

A man cave, which is often coined as a haven, is the perfect place to relax after a long day’s work and escape from the chaos in the common areas of your home.

When you are in the process of turning a garage, a spare room, or even your pool room into a man cave, there are five essentials your room cannot be without.

Here are five essentials for the perfect man cave:

1- A comfy recliner

The ideal man cave has a comfy recliner. The recliner does not have to be aesthetically pleasing, but it does need to be something that you look forward to sitting in. While you will need other seating for your buddies when you have company, your recliner will become your throne that no one else can sit in.

2- Big screen

Can you just imagine sitting back in the reclined position while you watch the game on your 60-inch TV? While a mid-sized TV will do, there is nothing better than a big screen in a man cave. Not only will you watch games and movies on TV, you will also play the latest Madden and prove to your friends that you are the “king of the sticks.”

3- A full bar

Do you love it when you stay in a hotel that has a bar in the room? Every time you step in your man cave, you will feel this same love when you take the time to design a bar and keep it stocked with beer, liquor, mixers, shot glasses, and cups. Make sure you always have liquor that will go well with your cigars and you might find that your friends will want to come over a lot more.

4- Pool table

You do not always want to be watching TV in your man cave. If you are ready to play a competitive game, why not play the ultimate man’s game of pool? While it will take up a lot of space, it can be used as a pool table, a poker table, and even a table for dominoes, depending on what you feel like playing.

5- Console system

You do not have to be a teenager to spend time playing Call of Duty or Gears of War 3 online. Buy the latest Xbox console if you really want to complete the entertainment center in your man cave.

With these man cave essentials, you will look forward to those moments where you can step out and escape from real life. Treat yourself after a long day and stock your man cave to the hilt.

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