How to Renovate An Old House

How to renovate an old house

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When you are renovating an old house, especially one that is over 50 years old, you need to take special care. The architecture of old houses is unique and speaks to a bygone era.

A sense of nostalgia comes upon homebuyers when they enter these homes which conjure up images of multi-generational living.

If you are thinking of redesigning or renovating an old house, you need precise planning and sound judgment.

Here is a list of things to do when renovating an old house.

Make a list of what needs to be done

The first strategy would be to make a list of the best and worst features of the vintage home. This way you’ll know what you love the most about the house and what you don’t.

An old house is a vintage collector’s dream and one needs to treat it with respect and admiration. You can incorporate modern features without disturbing its old world charm.

When planning a renovation job make sure you also preserve the history and help celebrate what makes you love your old house.

Head to the kitchen

The kitchen is the first and the best place to start, as most homebuyers place a lot of importance on this room. You can easily restore your vintage cabinets or wooden drawers with some polish and hinges.

Your kitchen floor is also important given the wear and tear it will go through, so you should evaluate the condition of tiles, hardwood, or linoleum in your kitchen.

You can also go for good quality cabinets with all wood construction and a tough exterior finish, energy-efficient appliances, and solid flooring like porcelain tiles.

Get a better heating and cooling system

Good, efficient, heating/cooling systems are vital to a comfortable home, so don’t skimp on furnaces and cooling units. Most homebuyers steer clear of older homes for fear that the heating/cooling systems are archaic at best, but if you get that taken care of, your home will become so much more attractive to potential homebuyers. As well, most old houses have wonderful fireplaces which can easily be renovated.

Next check the different aspects of your bathrooms. If your bathroom leaks, has cracking tiles and mold, poor ventilation and terrible lighting, you should really consider a full bathroom renovation in that case.

Renovate the esthetics

Refinishing hardwood floors and painting the walls are usually a given when selling a home, regardless if it’s a vintage home or not. That said, make sure to paint the walls before you take on the floors, but keep the vintage feel by respecting the vintage décor and keeping the moldings in place.

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