5 Home Inspection Problems You Need to Avoid

Home inspection problems you need to avoid

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When you finally make the decision to sell your home, there is a chance that you might encounter some issues along the way.

In order to avoid nasty surprises when you plan to sell your home, here are ways to mind your home so that you don’t have to worry about the home inspection.

That said, here are five home inspection problems you need to avoid and solutions on how to get rid of them if they are indeed a problem.

1. Bad grading

Unless you reside in a really flat area, you could have the problem a lot of homeowners face. Even if the lot seems quite hard-packed and flat, over time it might settle, resulting in a slope towards your house, which can lead water directly into it.

If you have proper drainage, however, this won’t be a serious problem for you. Unfortunately, a lot of homes don’t. This could easily lead to water in the basement, severe damage to your foundation, mold, rot and similar problems.

Therefore, you should not postpone repairs until water starts coming through your basement windows. Avoid unwanted costs by installing proper drainage and re-grading the parcel if necessary.

2. The old roof

An asphalt shingled standard roof will usually last for 20 years. After that, you should replace it. However, an undertaking like this is quite expensive, especially if you want to list your home for sale immediately.

The best option for you would be to maintain the roof from day one. That includes regular inspections, re-caulking, as well as replacing damaged shingles. One day, the roof will surely need a full replacement; however, hopefully, this will be under someone else’s ownership.

3. Termites

The wood-eating insects will surely eat away your home unless you catch them in time. Every now and then, scan the home, looking for mud tubes, giving away their presence. It is very important that you nip this situation in the bud and avoid a costly mess thereafter.

4. Electrical issues

Surely nowadays, homeowners have larger energy needs, because of the various electronic devices we tend to use daily.

Surely, the high electrical usage could put a lot of strain on the older electrical systems, which could lead to blown breakers as well as other serious problems. In such a case, you might want to make professional upgrades so that you are sure everything functions up to code.

5. Leaky pipes

Having an old plumbing system is quite common and could lead to a lot of problems for homeowners, especially since the water demand nowadays is many times higher than it once was.

Such a problem should be taken care of immediately. Call a reliable plumber right away to take care of the problem. The more you postpone, the worse the situation will get.

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  1. Dierdre says:

    Great points owners really needs to keep in our mind at the time of selling the home. I think people sometimes forget these things and end up having a bit of a harder time selling their home.

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