How to Control Your Home from Your Smartphone

Control your home from your smartphone

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In just two decades, we’ve gone from simple home security systems that you needed to manually arm and disarm, to full-blown home management systems that can be controlled from your smartphone.

These advances in technology have come at a lightning pace, and in such a way that many people simply don’t know what options are out there.

Whether you are looking to buy a new home and want to make sure you have the latest and greatest home management system installed, or whether you’re refurbishing your existing home, you can choose a system that lets you control your home from your smartphone.

Not just home security control from your smartphone

What kinds of things can you do with a home management system? Let’s take a look at some of the common functionality you’re likely to find on how to control your home from your smart phone.

Home security

Home management systems were developed from home security systems, so naturally you can arm and disarm your system, check logs and even view security camera feeds. In some cases, you can remotely unlock or lock your doors.

Appliance and lighting management

Some home management systems feature integration with your electrical outlets. This means you can shut off the home entertainment centre or the living room light from any place where this is a cell phone signal.

Heating and cooling controls

Heating and air conditioning controls integrate into a home management system, and can be controlled from your smartphone, too. This means If you’re traveling back home after a week of vacation, you can turn up your furnace. You can set your thermostat and even control multiple zones if you wish.

Of course the specific features you have access to depend on the home management system you have installed.

That of course raises a good question: what kind of mobile management systems are available?

Smartphone home management system options

Smartphone apps are proprietary and designed to work with the specific home management system installed in your home.

Here’s an overview of some of the most popular apps for home management via your smartphone, and information about the systems they use: provides smartphone apps for a number of security and home management companies, including Vector Security, APX, CPI and Frontpoint. Each vendor rebrands the app for their own system, but the app is essentially the same.

To use this app and manage your home from your smartphone you’ll need to pay a monthly fee to the home security provider. The app also requires a data connection, whether that’s WiFi or via your provider’s cellular data network.


E-Secure is Protection One’s smartphone app for home management. This app still provides you with basic home management functionality even if you don’t have a WiFi or cellular data connection, unlike most of the other options.

Basic functions are controlled via a built-in SMS (text) messaging function. The home management system communicates back and forth with the Protection One service through your home’s Internet. The Protection One service then sends and receives your SMS commands. It does require a monthly fee.


This is the one smartphone home management app that doesn’t require a monthly fee. This app is available only on Android, Blackberry and iPhone platforms. It requires a WiFi or Cellular data connection.


ADT’s Pulse is perhaps the most feature-rich app of the bunch. It lets you control almost all of your home’s functions remotely, while some of the other apps don’t let you control certain functions, such as remote camera monitoring or appliance management.

The Pulse’s app is available for Android, iPhone and Blackberry, or you can use it via a web interface.

Ultimately, the smartphone app you choose depends on your choice of home management system. If you want greater management capabilities, talk to your home management system vendor about what options are available with their smartphone app.

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