6 Trendy but Timeless Kitchen Designs

Trendy and timeless kitchen designsUpdating a kitchen is a trend that is gaining appeal after years of waiting for economic improvement and for home prices to stabilize. Rather than buying a new home altogether, many homeowners are opting to rejuvenate their current homes. Introducing trendy but timeless kitchen designs.

Improving conditions starting in 2012, however, have led to increases in home remodel projects. If you are considering a kitchen remodel, here are some major trendy kitchen designs.

6 trendy but timeless kitchen designs

1- Modern and classic

This remodel trend incorporates a sleek look common in Europe. The goal is to use modern flare that takes cues from classic design. One way achieve this is to replace cabinets on a few walls with open shelving.

Reducing the amount of ornamental hardware on the remaining cabinets is also a newer trend. Kitchens are adapting a more masculine design. This means that color will need to be added by using paint or stain on cabinets and high-end countertops like marble, for example.

2- Newer kitchen layouts

The typical kitchen triangle (stove, sink, fridge) is becoming less of a focus in trendy kitchen designs. Designs are starting to incorporate a restaurant-inspired workstation.

This includes the addition of prep areas for various types of foods, such as vegetables.
Base cabinets will have a slot for a pull-out cutting board that can be used as a baking station. Another option is to convert an island into a staging area by adding a new sink or even a small refrigerator.

Homeowners are expanding kitchens and eliminating the formal dining room.

3- Space for more electronics

One intriguing trend in kitchen design is the addition of outlets for computers and cords used to charge various electronic devices. A shelf or recess shelf is also being added for a cable box or a satellite receiver connected to a flat-screen television.

The kitchen is now becoming a common area for families to use instead of a dedicated space for an office.

Timeless kitchen decor4- Mix and match features

Different materials are typically used for different parts of a kitchen, such as an island and cabinets. However, a kitchen that does not incorporate colors correctly can be distracting.

A current trend is to mix the options on cabinets. This includes using a different style of cabinets for the interior than on the perimeter.

If the cabinets have solid doors, then they can be replaced with frosted-glass in a frame of stainless steel. Adding a transitional element between a family room and the kitchen is a great new trend.

5- Choice of cabinetry

There are many options and configurations available for kitchen cabinets. The newest trend for cabinets is changing the way doors open. This includes retracting doors, sliding doors, and the addition of a bi-fold door.

One benefit of this design is an increased efficiency for anyone who will be cooking and then serving meals directly from the kitchen. Doors that do not swing outward eliminate the need to get multiple ingredients out of the cabinet at once.

6- Updated appliances

The addition of high-end appliances is an option that complements any new kitchen design. Appliances are the items that make a kitchen stand out regardless of the overall design.

This means the selection of appliances needs to include black or stainless steel.
You can also add features like an oven that includes an infrared broiler. This uses less energy and is an option if energy efficiency is important, which it should be.

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