6 Landscaping Trends for 2013

Updating your yard can be an economical and rewarding part of giving your entire home a “lift.” Trouble is, there are so many new landscaping techniques to choose from! One of the best ways to start planning your new design is by observing some of landscaping trends for 2013 in home and yard improvement. By learning about and mimicking the top trends in landscaping, your new yard will look amazing in very little time.

Here’s a run-down of the six hottest landscaping trends for 2013.

Landscaping Trends to Watch in 2013

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1- Return to boxy borders

Landscaping pros are using traditional plant borders in modern geometric shapes to give the yard visual appeal.

As opposed to last year’s rounder corners trend, boxy borders made from low-maintenance shrubs are coming back. Stacked containers and walls use straight lines and symmetry that complement the structure of the home.

2- Lots of eye-popping colors

This year, expect to see a growing number of landscaping projects that are wild with every color of the rainbow. Blending the exotics with low key annuals is popular, with a variety of colorful grasses and trees that bring punchy color to the scene. Even containers get a lift in bright colors like reds, yellows, and even metallic shades.

3- Eco-walls and vertical gardening

A popular landscaping trend for 2013, especially in small communities, are vertical gardens which become living walls of green plants. These walls can become outdoor privacy areas, or they can be added to existing landscaping as an outdoor sculpture to give a property an unique appeal.

4- Sustainable landscape plants

Instead of choosing the standard landscape plants to adorn properties, a trend in contemporary landscaping is to embrace sustainable lifestyles with a mix of fruit and vegetable plants added.

This gives the landscape a unique look while helping to provide a source of nutrition for the property owners at the same time. What could be better than growing your own beautiful and functional backyard garden?

5- Outdoor entertainment technology

Thanks to the surge in consumer technology, the trend in landscaping in 2013 is integrated outdoor entertainment. From built-in surround speakers to sound-activated lighting in fountains, the landscaping world is multi-dimensional to the senses.

Cleverly disguised wireless speakers are mounted in trees, motion sensor technology invites visitors to explore lighted paths, and outdoor patios entice guests to spend more time outside.

6- Living more for the outdoors

A major shift in landscaping trends in 2013 is that people see their backyards as extensions of their homes. Outdoor furnishings are becoming a bigger part of landscaping design. Outdoor games like lawn bowling, bocce ball, and badminton are coming back, inspiring decadently designed play areas.

As you design your landscape, consider what you enjoy about being there.

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