5 Tips to Make Your Laundry Room Livelier

Tips to make your laundry room livelier

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If you consider laundry to be a dreaded chore, the problem may not lie in the task itself, but rather in your surroundings. When people decorate their homes, laundry rooms often get the short end of the stick. But with an increasing number of laundry rooms being located on the upper floors of houses and apartments — rather than in basements or garages — the room is starting to shed its dark, dank reputation.

Wherever your laundry room is located, give it the treatment it deserves by revamping the space to make it bright, comfortable and airy. Here are five tips to make your laundry room livelier and turn it into a place where you won’t mind spending time.

1- Opt for efficiency

If your washer is more than 10 years old, try switching it out for an ENERGY STAR model, which is highly efficient at saving energy and water, according to Epa.gov. Look for high-efficiency washing machines (designated by the “HE” symbol). They work better for cleaning your clothes, and they use less water and electricity than traditional washers — saving money while reducing your home’s environmental impact at the same time.

2- Keep the area well-lit

According to Kenny Grono at Houzz.com, “Lighting is one of the first upgrades you should make to your laundry room, so you don’t end up stepping out of the house with a spot on your shirt that you couldn’t see.”

In addition to bringing in bright fixtures, enhance your laundry room by focusing on natural light. Open windows by using roman shades or mesh curtains. With the higher-humidity level laundry rooms typically have, blinds are a much better choice than heavy drapes.

Choose window treatments that let in plenty of light so you can keep the room well-lit and cheerful.

3- Make space to hang up clothes

Move any unrelated items out of the laundry room and into the garage, attic or self-storage units. Install shelving with a rod for ample space to hang drip-dries on the spot.

If you can’t commit to wooden shelving, use wire shelving that’s cut to fit whatever space you have. Being able to do all the laundry-related tasks in a single space will eliminate much of the frustration people commonly feel when they have to move from room to room.

4- Add artwork

Putting artwork on the walls of your laundry room will not only give you something nice to look at while you sort clothes, but it will also infuse the room with a sense of your personal style. Rather than hanging a canvas painting, which could easily be damaged by the moisture in the room, opt for stenciled art or ’70s decals.

5- Take the proper fire & flood precautions

Washing machines can sometimes leak, potentially causing serious flooding. To be safe, make sure any water that leaks from the washer has a place to drain, particularly if your laundry room is on an upper level of your home.

At the other extreme, dryers can sometimes cause house fires. Check to make sure your dryer duct is properly installed. Clean your lint filter regularly and ensure that your dryer isn’t pushed up directly against a wall.

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