3 Common Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid

Common home selling mistakes to avoid

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Moving is not something that anyone wants to do, but it is a fact of life. In fact, according to a Canada Post news release in May 2012, more than 850,000 people reported a move using Canada’s Post Change of Address Service. That is a lot of homes sold.

Selling happens for a lot of reasons, including a new job, upgrading a home, or taking care of family business.

Regardless of why you are selling your home, however, you will want to get the best price you can  and you will want to make the selling process as easy as possible.

In order to make sure your move goes smoothly and that you benefit from Canada’s relatively hot real estate market, consider these three common home selling mistakes to avoid:

1- Pricing your house wrong

Canada has had a hot housing market for a while now. According to a June article in The Economist, Canadian properties exceeded their long-run “fair value” by 75% in the first quarter of 2012. However, as the U.S. housing bubble showed, hot moving markets don’t stay hot forever.

“You can’t be unreasonable and price your house too high or it may sit on the market, which may end up leading to multiple price drops,” reveals Scott Bollinger, Licensed Real Estate Broker at Commonsense Network brokerage, part of the ComFree network. “At the same time, you also do not want to price the house too low and leave cash on the table.”

Bollinger goes on: “Looking at sold and for sale comps or getting a Comparative Market Analysis can help you to set the right price.”

2- Taking bad listing pictures

Today, more and more people shop for a home online first before going to see it in person.

You will have one chance to get a person to actually come check out your home: when they click on the listing. If your house doesn’t look appealing, chances are your potential buyers will move on to the next property.

The photos you take can make a big impact in whether your house warrants a visit. The pictures should highlight the special features of the home (don’t focus on your furniture) and should be taken in broad daylight whenever possible. If you aren’t great at taking pictures, consider using ComFree.com’s services, as we take HDR photos and provide sellers with a host of other services for a small flat-fee.

3- Failing to de-clutter the home

When people come to visit your home for sale, it is important that the home look inviting and that the potential buyers can see themselves living there. To that end, you don’t want a lot of clutter or personal belongings around.

It is a good idea to pack up and remove some of your items before the house sells in order to make the space more attractive. A mobile storage container can be used to pack and store items that you are going to want in your new home but that should be removed from your current house during the sales process.

The storage container can then be delivered to your new property after you’ve sold and are ready to move in so you’ll only have to pack once.

What are some other major moving mistakes to avoid? Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting below.

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Author bio:

Maya Norries is a freelance writer for small businesses across Canada. She advocates the use of mobile storage containers for residents and businesses looking for simple and easy moving solutions.

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