5 Free Ways to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Free ways to prepare your home for sale

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Selling a home requires more than simply stating what you have available. A truly skilled home seller will address any shortcomings their property has before a sale so they can market the home at its best and garner the most offers. And so we introduce five free ways to prepare your home for sale.

This is not cheating, but simply making sure the home is at its best when potential homebuyers come by. Much like personal grooming, staging a home carries a social element much stronger than a commercial one. So what can you do to make your home more appealing to potential homebuyers? We aim to give you five free ways to prepare your home for sale:

1- Keep it clean

Nothing is more important than keeping a nice and clean environment, but that goes doubly so when it comes to selling a home. You have to have a perfectly clean set of rooms, so roll up your sleeves and dust, vacuum, mop, wash windows and anything else that needs attention. Hygiene is important to the overall image of a home.

As well, something as simple as dusting off the water heater and furnace will give homebuyers the impression of good maintenance.

2- Depersonalize the home

As much as you might be proud of your collections, antiques or anything else you have owned as the years rolled by, potential homebuyers will not be interested in them. They need to focus on the qualities of your home and not your belongings. That is the reason why you need to remove certain personal items such as collections, photos, electronics, collectibles and personal belongings.

You have to understand people will want to put their own personal touch on the new property and leaving these where they can see them can have a negative effect on the whole ordeal. After all it is about them and their vision of a new home, rather than what you can show them.

3- Declutter

As the years roll by, you will accumulate truly staggering quantities of personal belongings. You certainly don’t want those lying around when potential homebuyers drop by. Consider donating, selling or storing what you don’t want so you can have a clean playing field when you need to sell your home.

Organize a yard sale before you prepare your home for sale, donate what you don’t want to sell to a thrift store or a charity. You can also donate books you won’t use to your local library so someone else can benefit from them.

4- Make small repairs

Make sure everything is in working order around your home. No doors that squeak, no old and faded paint, no broken fixtures, no broken sinks, nothing out of commission. This is crucial to the image you wish to project with your home and that is why you must pay close attention to such issues before you set up the home for sale. Make sure you repair, paint and retouch anything that needs to be improved.

5- Reorganize your furniture

Although your preference might be to keep your home fully furnished, your objective should be to market your home as a spacious one, so remove some furniture and reorganize it in order to show off the space in each room.


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