European Home Decor Trends 2014

European home decor trends 2014It is natural for individuals to demonstrate a pride in their home by following the leading trends in home decor. And the year 2014 brings with it European home decor trends that reflect the current social climate. Consider the following European home decor trends to update your home, express yourself, and embrace all that life has to offer.

The equalizing of masculine and feminine

Decades ago, women invaded the workforce, proving they are capable of managing both home and work, and contributing equally to their male counterparts. Similarly, the home environment is coming to celebrate the presence of the masculine.

Some families even elevate the man to “house husband,” with him taking on an equal role as the homemaker in domestic duties and raising the children. To reflect this incredible balancing, gone are the days of cutesy feminine prints.

Now, European home decor trends of 2014 brings in bold lines, accessories that he can appreciate and dark, masculine colors that truly reflect a household of gender equality.
The man cave as banishment is a thing of the past.

Even better, include your man in the project of revamping the home. Guys who expressed disinterest only did so because they felt their opinions were not legitimately honored. Consider embellishing the home together as a time to bond and connect as a couple.

Wall art, not wallpaper

While wallpaper is dated and out of style, wall art is the newest thing. Wall art literally consists of an array of vinyl or plastic stickers that can take up a bit of a wall or an expansive whole side of a room.

The stickers can be of inspirational, uplifting words and quotes to splash across your walls, such as “Live, Laugh, Love.” Wall stickers can also include silhouettes of trees, leaves, curlicues, and other aesthetically pleasing designs, symbols and themes.

Wall art in black tends to offer a clean, modern feeling to a room while nature elements in solid white on pastel-painted walls elicit softness, thoughtfulness and expansiveness.


We have reached an era where the power to buy is going out of style and the powers to reuse, recycle and recreate are celebrated and encouraged, especially in regards to European home decor trends for 2014. Within every human being is a creative artist and this has nothing to do with whether you can draw a straight line with a ruler.

Peruse thrift shops for trash to be turned into treasures. Learn how to can your own organic foods to line the pantry with. Re-upholster your dining room chairs with luxurious new fabrics. Instead of purchasing new furniture, give your current furniture a new paint job with low VOC paint that is better for your health, reducing amount of toxic paint fumes you inhale.

Plants in beautiful, handmade pots

Indoor vegetation never goes out of style, especially in a home with no yard or other means to have nature at your fingertips. Many common indoor plants literally help to reduce indoor air pollution caused by paints and varnishes and electromagnetic pollution created by wireless internet connections and televisions.

Use greenery as part of your home decor trends for 2014 and see how you can use nature to enhance the appearance of your home.

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