6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Yard

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your YardLast week we gave some tips for spring cleaning your home in preparation for selling.  The inside of your house is important, certainly, but the outside of your house often needs just as much attention as your living room when preparing to sell.  Just like your home needs a thorough cleaning, the state of your yard can make a big impression on potential buyers. Here are 6 spring cleaning tips to make your yard ready for sale.

1. Clean the clutter.

Just like you should declutter your home, the first step in spring yard cleaning is to clear broken branches and debris from your trees and shrubs.

Damaged plants, branches and dead leaves can cause plant diseases and smother healthy grass and shrubs, so make sure to clear all clutter from your yard.

2. Prune damaged plants and weeds.

Once you’ve cleared the ground, it’s important to make sure your trees, shrubs and garden plants are in good shape.

First, remove any branches and shoots that have been damaged by winter weather by pruning until you reach healthy stems. Your shrubs will need plenty of sunlight to grow in the spring, so don’t hesitate to cut back thick outer layers to allow light to penetrate deep into your plants. If any flowers or perennials are damaged, cut them back at least an inch below the winter damage.

Next, give your yard a thorough spring cleaning by removing large, obvious weeds from your garden beds and lawn.

3. Man’s best friend…

It’s not as easy to pick up after your pup when the temperatures drop below freezing, but that often means you’ll have quite a mess in your yard after springtime thaws.

It’s an (obviously) unpleasant task to clean dog droppings out of melting snow, but left alone it can be a health hazard as well as a smell hazard.

If potential buyers will be scrutinizing outside the house, you’ll want to go through your yard with a scooper and dispose of any dog deposits you find.

4. Take a little off the top.

Once the ground has thawed and your lawn is free of debris, your next step should be to give your grass a quick mow.

For the first mow, set your mower to a high setting and give your lawn a trim. This will give your grass a uniform look, and the cutting will encourage growth. It will also reveal any dead spots in your lawn, which you can take care of before your open house.

Once the ground is completely thawed, keep soil moist with weekly watering and add a little bit of fertilizer to help boost new growth.  Give your yard a spring-clean look by mowing regularly.

5. Clean the gutters.

Your gutters will accumulate a lot of debris and dead leaves throughout the winter.

Decaying matter in your gutters will easily become a home for household pests like roaches and mosquitoes. Give your gutters a spring cleaning with a ladder, a broom and a hose.

6. Tidy fences and walkways

Gravel and salt can be hard on stone walkways, so make sure to sweep them clean and pressure wash them to remove any leftover grime.

After months of cold wind and snow, your fences may need a fresh coat of paint and a few new nails to tighten them up. Make sure to check the entirety of your fence for rotted wood or broken posts and replace them.

With these simple spring cleaning tips, your yard and garden can be just as ready to impress potential buyers as the inside of your home.

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Author bio: Rosemarie Pirio is the Marketing Manager for New American Funding, a mortgage banker offering a variety of home loan options, including home improvement loans, first time mortgage, Fixed Rate Mortgages, Jumbo Mortgage, and VA Loans.

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  1. Diane says:

    These are great tips to follow when you do your yard cleaning. paying attention to the gutters and fences!

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