5 Questions About Home Inspections

Questions about Home Inspections

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Although 77% have had a home inspection prior to purchasing their home, it’s a wonder why that number does not stand at 100%.

Many home buyers ponder whether or not a home inspection is necessary when it comes time to buy a home. Even when a home is brand-spanking new, a home inspection should be a part of the home buying experience.

The following are some home inspection questions that readers sent in regarding home inspections in Canada.

1- What will a home inspection reveal?

If you plan on selling or buying a home, a home inspection can prevent headaches in the future by determining the condition of the home at the time of purchase.

A home inspection will reveal the following:

  • – serious problems (repairs in excess of $1,500)
  • – replacement and repair needs
  • – life expectancy of major components
  • – safety information

It’s not all damages and dangers, however, many home inspections confirm that the home purchase or sale you are about to make is a sound one because of the solid foundation and absence of repair issues.
What does a home inspection include?

A home inspector will inspect not just the inside of the home, but the exterior as well. The following is what a home inspector will, uh, inspect.


  • – Drainage
  • – Foundation and walls
  • – Balconies and decks
  • – Windows and doors
  • – Gutters
  • – Roof and chimneys (if applicable)
  • – Garage and shed


  • – Foundation walls
  • – Basement floor
  • – Beams
  • – Moisture penetration
  • – Electrical wiring
  • – Plumbing
  • – Air system and ventilation
  • – Floors, walls, ceiling, doors and windows

2- How much does a home inspection cost?

It is best for you to shop around, as home inspection costs tend to differ greatly.

Some real estate inspection service providers charge by:

  • – Square foot
  • – Cost of the house being inspected (rates sometimes go as high as 2%)
  • – The hour (some charge upwards of $100 per hour)

Also, it would serve you well to find out what is included in the price, as some home inspection services consider detached garages as part of the main building, while others consider them outbuildings and charge extra.

Other “extra charges” might include swimming pools, wells, and septic systems.

3- How long does a home inspection take?

The time is takes to conduct a home inspection depends on the size and even condition of a home.

Some home inspection can be completed in less than 2 hours, while others may take upwards of 6 hours. What matters most is that the inspection is thorough.

4- Are home inspections guaranteed?

It is important to note that home inspections are not intended to provide guarantees or warranties. Some companies will offer to refund your money if their home inspector misses something, but that is certainly not a situation you want to find yourself in at any point.

Make sure you find a qualified home inspector – ask for references and professional qualifications.

5- Where can I find a qualified home inspector in Canada?

To find an inspector near you in Canada, visit CAHPI.ca and CanNACHI.org

If you’re ready to buy or sell your home, visit ComFree.com today.

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