Advice for Newlyweds: 6 Home Buying Tips

Advice for NewlywedsIn the sweet strains of union newlyweds must dwell. One of the first strains a newlywed must face is the strain of getting a house. Buying a house is almost as big a responsibility as getting married – it is a big decision. It’s not at all like the movies where a couple drives around town, sees a “property for sale” sign and the next scene shows them shaking hands and closing the deal. The process requires lots of important decisions.  Here are 6 home buying tips to provide advice for newlyweds.

1. Prepare each other.

Buying a home isn’t some short-term deal. Most homes take at least 5-15 years of monthly payments before it’s undoubtedly yours. So, before making the decision to buy, newlyweds need to sit down and realize how big of a commitment it is.

We suggest you take this time to discuss financial concerns and goals. It is also paramount to discuss what you’re looking for in a house. Jot down the characteristics of your dream home. Daydreaming aside, this helps to set your expectations when you start house hunting. This way, you can narrow down your choices to a top five.

2. Shop within your price range: Get pre-approved for a loan.

Preparing financially is the most important aspect in buying a house. Unless you have the necessary funds to buy a home on hand, we advise you consider getting pre-approved or pre-qualified for a loan.

By doing so, newlyweds will be able to determine what’s in your price range. To get pre-approved for a loan, the lender evaluates and determines how much you are eligible for, giving you the realistic figure upon which you can base your price range.

3. Add another member to your team: Find a good lawyer.

Most newlyweds are first time home buyers. Whether you decide to use a buyer’s agent or buy on your own, you are going to need a qualified lawyer (or notary, depending on your location) to review all the legal documents involved.

Get recommendations from family and friends, and do your research online to find someone who is qualified and trustworthy to help you prepare your offers and advise you in negotiations.

4. Choose your neighborhood carefully.

When shopping for a home as newlyweds, you should keep in mind that this will be the place where your kids will grow up. For their sake, choose a good neighborhood.

If you’re already eyeing a particular home, do your research to obtain all the information you can about the neighborhood and be sure to ask all the right questions.

If you are uncertain about an area, look elsewhere. Don’t risk your safety for a good deal.

5. Have a professional inspection done.

As newlyweds looking to buy a home, it is important not to get stars in your eyes as soon as you land on a home that you think is perfect.

If you want to make an offer before someone else snaps it up, make sure that a satisfactory home inspection is one of your conditions. Then you need to set about finding a qualified home inspector.  Our 5 questions about home inspections can help you.

You may love the place, but the home may not be such a good deal if needs major renovations.

6. Don’t rush.

Buying a home can produce mixed emotions in a newlywed couple: there’s excitement, an overwhelming feeling of responsibility and commitment, anxiety over finances, the joy of having a home, wanting to start decorating it and so on.

When these emotions take over, we become susceptible to the pressures applied by different parties. I will never forget this rule my father taught me, “when in doubt, don’t go through with it.”

Making a mistake in buying a home will leave you in regret. Don’t let your anxiety to find the right place rush you into important decisions.

Finally, congratulations! As newlyweds you are embarking on a great new adventure. Buying a home should be an exciting and fun process for newlyweds, and we hope these pieces of advice will help make it so.

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Author Bio

Lara Seers is a real estate agent in Queensland, Australia. She presents buyers with several options and describes each real estate listing in full detail to make it easier for them to make the best choice.

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  1. Marc A. Donald says:

    Thank you Jane for this article, I would like to add a small tip while buying a home which is asking about future plans. Do research about the area that you’ll buy your property in or ask your agent because real-estate agents are aware of any future plans that will happen in any area they’re selling property in because they use it as an advantage for the villa or apartment to increase its price. Future plans may be a hospital, bus station, or even a supermarket that is planning to open.

  2. Naz says:

    Great tips and great post! Thanks for all the useful information! Much appreciated!

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