9 Summer Home Decorating Ideas

Summer is fast approaching, and you may think of making some minor redecorating adjustments to match the season.   Here are 9 summer home decorating ideas that will look striking and give your house a breezy, relaxing ambience reminiscent of the season.

Pillowcases for a temporary theme change.

Summer Home Decorating Ideas: Floral PillowcasesFeel the summer breeze inside your home by covering your throw pillows with floral-print decorative cases.   Changing pillowcases is an easy temporary décor change that can freshen up your home to match any season.

Go for simple brush strokes outlined on the fabric rather than heavy, dark colors to give your living room a bright and sunny feel perfect for summer.

Pillowcases are common home décor accessories and can be found at gift and home stores all over the place.  Summer themes, colors and designs will be hitting the stores soon!

Switch out heavier rugs with lighter designs.

During winter, having heavy, warm rugs on the floors helps keep the house cozy and warm.  But once the weather warms up, it’s time to switch those dark wool rugs for lighter options.

Light woven rugs made of cotton and linen are easy to place and can be cleaned and stored at the end of the summer.  Use neutral light colors to give your rooms a larger, airy feel, or bright colors and prints to give your home a touch of the exotic.

Repaint with bright colors.

Summer Home Decorating Ideas: Bright ColorsIf you’re really committed to redecorating for the summer, you can add a touch of pizzazz to your walls with a fresh coat of paint.

Colors like blue, yellow, green and tangerine will brighten your walls and give your home a breezy appearance, which is perfect for the summer months.

Choose summery motifs.

Give your home a beach house decorating makeover by adding seashell motifs.

Seashell motifs on vases, curtains and other decorations will transport guests to the seaside upon setting foot inside your house.

What host doesn’t want his or her home to evoke pleasant beach memories?

Enjoy the tiki torch touch.

Summer Home Decorating Ideas: Tiki TorchesBuy a few tiki torches and place them on your lawn. Use them to carve out a hangout space perfect for those warm late afternoons.

Place citronella candles or burners in them to keep away mosquitoes, and set them around an outside dining corner.  Enjoy eating under the stars with that special someone or the entire family!

Tikis can be either romantic or fun, and they add great ambiance to your yard.

Bring the beach home.

Can’t get away to the beach this summer?  Create the beach here at home!

Fill transparent vases with pure, clean sand and set them around your home.  Place candles in them and you can almost feel the beach sand and hear the waves crashing as you enjoy a candlelight dinner.

Add a raffia curtain tie.

Add a pop of color to your windows with a colored raffia bow tie.  Pair them with white curtains for that simple-yet-elegant look that brings out the colors in the room while evoking simplicity, stylish and effortless decorating.

Floating candles make for warm ambiance.

During those warm summer evenings, give your home a warm, welcoming glow with floating candles and flowers in glass bowls and vases.

Placed around the living room, candles add a magical quality to your home.  Scented candles can evoke thoughts of summer and sun with exotic aromas.

Add a conversation piece.

Summer Home Decorating Ideas: Tree Table

Table design: Silvia Nayla

A tree table is a beautiful, unique piece which invites the untamed look of nature into your home.  A tree table may be a bit more expensive than you had in mind for your summer home décor, but it can make for a great conversation piece in your living room.

When it comes to decorating your home for the summer season, the sky’s the limit!  Decide on a budget beforehand and then use creative touches like the above ideas to make the most out of any changes you wish to make.

Author Bio:

Sharon Freeman is a freelance writer from Australia who loves writing about real estate and investment related topics.

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  1. Karen Shoener says:

    One of the best ways to incorporate trends into your home is with color. Home decorating is a lot like fashion. There are a lot of fun home decor trends that come and go, and there are simple classics that never go out of style.

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