Home Office Design: 5 Ways to Maximize Space for Productivity

The way you set up your home office space can have a significant impact on efficiency when working solely, or even occasionally, from home. Home offices typically consist of a den space or a converted bedroom and do not have much space to begin with, so a little planning is necessary. Here are 5 ways to maximize your home office design for productivity.

Home Office Design1. Make an honest self-assessment.

The best place to start with home office organization is to assess yourself.

Think about how much time you spend moving around, sitting, staring at a computer screen, talking on the phone or getting distracted, and then the number of things you need to keep an eye on regularly.

If you’re modifying a home office already in place, do away with distractions – clutter, loose and forgotten paperwork, and generally anything not work-related should go.

It might not even be a bad idea to simply clear the room altogether depending on how much of an overhaul you need. From there, you can start getting down to business with a cleaner slate.

2. Include the crucial pieces.

Computers are arguably the most important part of any 21st century home office setup, and they need good platform to operate on (and I’m not talking about software). Your desk should offer adequate surface space and serve as many of your crucial functions as possible.

Also, if you spend a substantial amount of time in your office chair, consider getting something ergonomically designed. People are often unaware of how much stress and discomfort result from spending too much time in a chair that is not designed for extensive use.

3. Maximize space efficiency.

The top of your desk can be a great place for printers, fax machines, and lamps, but don’t be afraid to make use of the space beneath you.  Under a desk is a great place to put a wastebasket so that it is less visible and easily accessible.

Vertical storage can also help conserve space, but may not help cover all your surface space needs, so use your judgment to find what works best under and over you.

Wherever you end up with leftover space, the rule of thumb is to have roughly three feet of walking space anywhere you expect foot traffic. However, a cramped workspace can have a negative impact on your mental state, so you may want to give yourself more room.

4. Home office décor.

Anything that improves your mental state (i.e. motivates you, inspires you, cheers you up or helps you stay focused) will make good home office decor.

Fewer distractions are often better for brain function when there is a goal at hand. You can, however, remove too much sensory input if not careful. There is a balance to be achieved between putting yourself in a comfortable environment and maintaining focus.

5. Select appropriate lighting.

Sufficient lighting is another area that needs some attention when designing a home office. Too much light can have a negative effect on mood, whereas too little can be damaging to the eyes and negatively impact productivity.

Track lights are a great alternative to lamps as they allow you to judge where lighting is needed, but can also free up desk space. Wall sconces are an option as well.

Make sure you use a strong enough bulb so that your eyes do not have to strain. For easy management of lighting levels, you may also want to consider implementing dimmer controls.

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Author Bio:

Nicholas Haywood is an eco-friendly home improvement specialist and writer for Vista Window Film, a provider of premium window film for homes and commercial buildings.

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  1. Ryan Murphy says:

    As simple of a suggestion a comfy office chair may seem, I completely agree that they can be really important in your productivity and general health. Having one that suits your body type is essential. I certainly noticed aches and pains when I first started work where I was sat down for long periods of time and so finding a suitable chair really helps morale. Another good point made was office space. A clear desk and having only relevant objects in your office help you focus and have a clear mind. Thanks for posting.

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