10 Clever Kitchen Storage Solutions

One of the most common problems we have in the kitchen – or indeed most of the house – is where to keep everything.  Like many people, you may find that your kitchen cupboards and shelves simply aren’t big enough for all our kitchen equipment.  Here are 10 clever kitchen storage solutions for you to try.

Kitchen Storage Solutions: Corner Shelves1. Make the most of your corners.

Are you making full use of the spaces in between your kitchen cupboards – specifically the corners?

Make the most of that often-wasted space by incorporating some drawers or a cabinet with a lazy Susan feature.

Kitchen Storage Solutions: Cleaners2. Keeping cleaning products handy.

If you like to store all of your cleaning products underneath your sink and find yourself running out of room, how about considering this unique – yet ever so simple – storage solution? Just fit a plastic rod above the maximum height of your products and hang them up!

3. Simple but effective.

If you have the surface space, storing your utensils in an attractive pot or sturdy vase on the counter is a straight-forward and attractive kitchen storage solution.

Kitchen Storage Solutions: Work Surface4. Use your work surface.

This storage idea requires a little more work and may not be worth it if you don’t have the counter space.

Countertop permitting, make a well in which to store utensils.  It’s practical and attractive, though you may need to consider if you’re willing to put a hole in your countertop.

5. Find a shopping board rack.

Are chopping boards crowding the space on your worktops? Try storing them in your cupboard by installing a rack on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door!

Kitchen Storage Solutions: Canned Goods6. More space for your canned goods.

If one – or more – of your kitchen cabinets is full of cans, then installing these pantry organizer racks reminiscent of a dishwasher could help to create that extra little bit of space for all your canned goods requirements.

Kitchen Storage Solutions: Spice Racks7. Use the walls.

You have all of that wall space and yet you’re not making the most of it, right? Hang a spice rack – or for that matter any type of rack – and take your storage capacity from behind the cupboard doors and out in to the open space.  Not only is it practically, but it’s also in style!

Kitchen Storage Solutions: Glasses8. Layer your glasses.

Stacking glasses can be quite dangerous – especially when they’ve just been cleaned and are little wet on the surface. Use a metal rack or a sturdy tray to layer them and, in doing so, create more space in the cupboard.

9. Don’t be restricted to the drawer

If your drawer space is simply too crowded – or not practical enough to locate your equipment quickly – you could create a small board on an empty wall space and use clips to hang some utensils.  Easy to find, easy to store!

Kitchen Storage Solutions: Toaster10. A different way to enjoy your toast.

Is your toaster taking up too much space on your kitchen worktop? Fear not! This interesting storage solution hides away your appliance beneath the surface and then draws it out when you fancy a slice or two of toast.


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This list of 10 Clever Kitchen Storage Solutions was sourced and written by Matthew Wood. Matthew is contributing on behalf of Finsa Home who provide DIY Kitchens and cheap laminate flooring.

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