4 Home Projects That Require Professional Help

Home Projects that Require Professional HelpWhether you are buying a new home or an older house that needs a little extra attention, there are sure to be many projects when you first move into that new home.  There are going to be all sorts of design challenges and honey-do projects to do around the house and depending on your experience with power tools and other tools of the trade, there may be some projects that are just too difficult, dangerous or complicated for the average homeowner to attempt.  You may be a fan of DIY, but without a lot of experience, or a lot of guts, there are 4 projects that require professional help.

1. Roofing projects

Not many people are comfortable with working on a roof and let’s face it, unless there has been a need in the past or you have worked in the roofing industry, most people shouldn’t attempt the work in the first place.

Your roof is a complex structure with many different elements working together to keep the wind, rain and snow out of your house.  A mistake on the roof can cause a lot of expense down the road, so DIY may not be the best route.

2. Electrical wiring

There are a couple of electrical projects that most homeowners should know how to do and should become familiar with such as changing out an electrical plug or light switch.  Of course, these can be dangerous if safety precautions aren’t followed, but they are still pretty simple.

Now, rewiring the bathroom or installing a GFCI switch or new fan or light fixture may be beyond most people’s skill and comfort level.  Dealing with electricity is tricky, and if you have any doubts, you should hire a professional for the job.

3. Plumbing

There are a couple of DIY home projects that every new homeowner should know how to do such as cleaning out the trap under the sink; just in case you drop in your wedding ring.  Also, changing out a faucet is a good thing to know and maybe even the hose connecting the water to the washer and toilet.

But changing out a toilet bowl or installing a new sink in the kitchen are a little more difficult.  It might be time to call in a professional to help out in these situations.

4. Flooring

It looks easy; they even offer workshops at the local home improvement box store.  But flooring can be difficult to install correctly.  A tile floor needs to be done well otherwise it won’t be long before you have cracks appearing.

Wood flooring is also a little more complicated to install than it first appears.  A mistake is easy to make and costly to fix.  In addition, you need some pretty specific tools in order to do the job such as a nail gun and compressor which are expensive to buy or rent.  It may be a good idea to have a professional’s number on hand if you plan to do any flooring projects.

Most of these jobs require some specific experience or know-how, not to mention a tool chest full of tools to get the job done.  The ability to do-it-yourself is great, but you should never hesitate to call for a little help.  It is important to know your own limits of what you can do; it will save you from getting in over your head.  If you are considering a job that you are not completely comfortable doing, it’s time to call in the reinforcements.

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Jay Preston is author and Brand Manager for ToolHQ, Australia’s premiere source for power tools. He enjoys writing about DIY and homeowner topics.

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