3 Common Home Decorating Mistakes

Common Home Decorating MistakesDecorating a new home can be quite exciting.  You’ll have all sorts of ideas, themes and design inspirations floating around to help you create your perfect décor. These are great and can really help you put your thoughts into action. However, keeping things simple is key in order to avoid the 3 most common home decorating mistakes.

Common home decorating mistakes 1: Over-doing it.

One of the biggest mistakes when decorating your home is trying to incorporate all your ideas. In an ideal world your Victorian style cabinet would fit well with your contemporary corner sofa and Egyptian prints you brought back from your holiday.  But in reality it doesn’t. If you are keen to include all your inspiration, sit down first and perhaps allocate a design for each room.

Picking a theme is great but make sure you give yourself a little flexibility. Everything does not need to match; in fact, matching can even make a room seem cold and unlived-in. Keeping to a specific them is fine, just don’t overdo it!

Here are a couple of other ways that people can commonly overdo it:

–          Clutter – this refers to ornaments and soft furnishings too. Best to keep to a few features.

–          Open space – it is good to keep rooms open but avoid the unfinished and empty look.

–          Color – going for all over dark or bright colors can make spaces feel small and intimidating.

–          Spending too much – remember your budget, no wallpaper is worth taking out another loan.

Common home decorating mistakes 2: Not working with the space you have.

When decorating a home you need to be aware of your requirements

For example, what do you want to achieve with the redecoration? Is it just an update, a whole makeover, or are you accommodating changes to your life?

Also consider the room/s you are working with. The functionality of a room should always have an effect on your décor. You may have been dreaming of the all-white effect in your living room but if you have small children, perhaps that white sofa is not going to be appropriate.

Furniture size is another mistake people make when working with a room. Buying large pieces that dominate a small room or small pieces that get lost in a large room happens quite often. This is simple to avoid; take measurements and have a general idea of placement. This will help you find the perfect fit.

Lighting is a similar constraint, but an easy one to overcome. If you have a big bright room you can add features to help control the feel you are looking for with different window treatments. However if you are working with darker spaces, investing in artificial light will really help tie in your new decoration. Work with the natural features of your room and either accentuate or reduce these, rather than trying to alter them altogether.

Common home decorating mistakes 3: Decorating the way you think you should.

Your home is your own, and you don’t have to decorate to other peoples tastes. You are the one that is going to have to live with it after all

People will give input; feel free to take their advice but don’t be bullied into following trends or the new in-style design. Fads come and go quickly and unless you can afford a revamp every season it is best to go with something you like over what is in at the time.

This should also go for pieces or décor that you don’t like; you should not have to endure anything especially when it comes to your home. If you don’t like something, get rid of it. Otherwise you will never get the look you are craving.

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Author Bio:

Charlotte Critchley is a psychology graduate who has a keen interest in home interiors due to her recent home move. She is writing on behalf of Gallery Blinds where you can find design inspiration to help with your home projects.


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  2. Cheryl Jones says:

    I whole heartedly agree with these tips… in any form of decorating. Whether it be inside a home or out on the back patio. I have the hardest time remembering that I don’t need to decorate the way I think I should…and just decorate to fit me. Thanks!

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