Patio Designs: What Are My Options?

Patio Designs: Dome Patio Cover

Dome Patio Cover

One of the best parts of summer is being outside to enjoy a garden party or barbecue.  Make your patio more enjoyable with the right design for your space. In addition to a flat surface for your furniture and accessories, it’s also wise to add patio covers to create shade from the sun and shelter your gathering from the rain. Here are the patio design options that are available for you, and how you can have them added to your home.

A Deck for Entertaining

Whether you want a small deck for enjoying a dinner outside or you need a large area for having parties, it all starts with a level surface. Level ground is essential for comfortably placing your furniture, cooking area and more. If you have a reasonably flat yard, then you can choose a concrete deck or even paving stones.

Styles of Patio Covers

1. Gable Patio Covers

One of the most basic patio designs is a gabled cover. This basic structure uses two roof planes connected by a high peak. Placed directly next to another structure or set away from your home, it can provide you with shelter and shade for your new outdoor kitchen or a seating area.

2. Contemporary Skillions

Do you want the protection from rain without making an area feel closed in? Skillions use one angled roof plane to shelter an area from rain. Raised on the open side and angling down towards an existing structure, it keeps an area dry and creates shelter while maintaining an open feeling.

3. Functional Pyramids

Add style, shelter and shade to any area of your patio with a pyramid structure. Four equal roof planes rise up to a central meeting point. Placed out in an open area, it will shelter your hot tub, fire pit or gathering area from summer storms and the hot sun. It is a functional and stylish option that is perfect for a smaller area.

4. Hip Ends

Do you have a larger area to protect? Hip roofs are similar to pyramids, but two opposing sides are longer. This allows you to cover a much larger area while also creating a more interesting look. You can cover your in-ground pool, shade your dining table and protect your outdoor kitchen. In addition to placing this structure out in the open, it can also be attached to another structure.

Patio Designs: Gabled Patio

Gabled Patio

5. Domes

One of the most versatile choices, domes can cover an expansive space. The gentle arch replaces a sharp peak in the roof, and many people prefer the graceful angles. Domes are an excellent choice when you want to protect a larger area from the elements. You can also choose partial domes that will shelter a long, narrow area.

Is My Backyard Suitable?

Not every backyard is suited to a patio. If you have a smaller property, then larger deck covers can overwhelm the space. However, you can choose a smaller cover to shade the space while making it feel larger.

If your property has a slope, then you may be concerned that a patio design is out of reach. However, there are several options for levelling out the ground and installing a beautiful deck.

An experienced patio designer can create a patio shape that looks great and makes the most of your available space. A professional will also offer a good warranty, quality craftsmanship and will take care of the necessary municipal approval applications to make the project less stressful for you.


The right patio design is an investment in your home. It increases your property value and ensures you and your family many hours of enjoyment during the warmer months.

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This article was written by Marcus Fulker, owner of Great Aussie Patios, based in Perth, Western Australia.

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