10 Tips for Renovating Your Bathroom on a Budget

Renovating Bathroom on a BudgetYou may take a look at your bathroom and think it looks a little sorry for itself. Of course it’s great to pull everything out and start again, but what if your budget doesn’t permit quite such an investment? A full renovation would be likely to cost around $20,000, whereas the recommendations below would be possible in the region of $1500. Here are ten tips for renovating your bathroom on a budget using your existing sink, shower, bath and toilet – and probably your existing tiles.

1. Update the taps.

Taps date faster than sanitary ware and suffer more over the years. Whereas replacing all your sanitary ware could cost as much as $5000, taps are a lot cheaper to replace.

Find taps with something new and stylish that fit with the style of the existing sanitary ware. The current fashion is for chrome, but if the bathroom has other fixtures that you cannot remove in brass or gold, it will look better to follow through with the same materials.

2. Clean up fixtures.

Bathroom drains and plugs, as well as toilet handles are prone to excessive rusting and wear. Replacing these items will really spruce up your bathroom. Remember to clean all porcelain thoroughly to remove any lime scale before replacing them.

3. Retiling for a spruced-up look.

Retiling the bathroom will make a big impact on the look and feel. If your bathroom is currently a little dark, choose tiles that are bright with a gloss finish.

Generally tiles that are smaller are easier to work with and will pull together the various elements of the bathroom better than a few very large tiles.

If you are retiling the floor, consider how the tiles will look in alignment with vanity units and any floor tiles directly outside the bathroom.

4. Grout the tiles.

Grout that is old, yellow or dirty can really age a bathroom. If you don’t mind your existing tiles, consider grouting, as it will really freshen up the look and feel.

5. Mind the details.

Replace bathroom accessories such as shower screens, shower curtains, toilet roll holders, toilet brushes and wastebins. People notice details. These items should not cost more than a couple of hundred dollars in total.

6. A hint of luxury.

Add luxurious touches such as fine quality robe hooks and a metal shaver socket to give a hotel feel. Likewise, add nice plush towels to the towel rails and some expensive liquid soaps and hand cream. These additions should not cost more than $150.

Budget Bathroom Renovation7. Have plenty of storage space.

There is rarely enough storage in an older bathroom. If you’re willing to invest a little more, source some well-made bathroom cabinets. Ikea is an excellent source for storage solutions.

A bathroom will look larger if all toiletries are stowed out of sight.

8. Mirror, mirror.

Most bathrooms benefit from additional mirrors. Mirrors are stylish, practical, and have the effect of brightening up a space.

9. Update the lighting.

Old fashioned light fixtures can really bring down the feel of your bathroom. Invest in some elegant, modern lighting. Check that any new lights are suitable for use in a bathroom .

10. Quality is worth it.

Make sure that all renovations are done to a high standard. Get recommendations for plumbers, electricians and tilers from neighbors, friends and community websites.

These ideas should go a long way to helping to give the appearance of a modern bathroom without the need for expensive alterations. Good luck, and most importantly, have fun!

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Author Bio:

Zoë Buckingham is a freelance writer who has travelled extensively and lived in London, France and Switzerland. She writes for fineandcountry.es.


  1. Peter says:

    Budget is the most important and integral part of any home renovation. That is why you have to take it seriously. Do a little research online so you know what costs to expect. To make budgeting smoother you should add 10-20% extra on top of your planned budget. That way you’re covered in case something goes wrong or you need to spend a little more than expected.

  2. Ruth R. Nero says:

    Wonderful tips and very useful. Thanks Zoe for this blog. Will share this to my friends. They will love it.

  3. Roy says:

    These are great tips. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ryan Murphy says:

    Thanks for sharing all these great tips. I think many people currently don’t have the money to completely renovate their bathroom should they feel the need to, so tips like this go a long way towards making this a possibility.

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