8 Best Home Decor Apps for Mobile Devices

8 Best Home Decor Apps for Mobile DevicesIf you are renovating, redecorating, or moving to a new home, you may be looking for a tool to help to get the job done. Lucky for you, there are plenty of mobile apps made specifically for these tasks that are available for download. Working with an app helps you organize better than doing everything by hand or in your head. There are many apps to choose from, and this article will look at what we have found to be the best home décor apps for mobile devices.

1. ColorSchemer

Capable of keeping track of different color hues and palettes, use this app to take a photo of your space and create a color palette.

Using it will allow you finer control over your color choices when it comes to paint, furniture and accessories. This app is available for Apple devices only.

2. eBay

You can use the eBay app to sell, bid, browse and more from your phone or tablet. Set up notifications and alerts to inform you of outbidding and other activities.

This app is very useful if you are trying to buy decorations that are unique and not commonly available. This app is available for Android, Apple and Windows phones.

3. Photo Measure Lite

This useful app, lets you take a photo of a room, then add the room’s measurements. Use it as a reference when you’re at your favorite furniture store.  Or you can add your furniture measurements and play with positioning.

You can easily organize the photos by room. This app is available for Apple devices.

4. iHandy Level

This app is perfect for aligning and hanging artwork, photos and other decorations. You can use the app to measure your rooms and place décor and much more than that. This is the perfect tool for creating a harmonious look in your living space. This app is available for Apple and Android.

5. Yard Sale Mapper

This nifty app tracks yard sales within a 20-mile radius of your location by finding ads online.  You can plan your visits and even map out the perfect route from yard sale to yard sale! Available for Apple and Android.

6. SnapShop

SnapShop has a stored catalogue of furniture available in this app.

Snap a photo of your room, then drag and drop furniture to find the best combination of style and placement that works in your space.

You can save the photos, send them via e-mail and more. Available for Apple devices.

7. RedLaser

A useful app that allows you to make price comparisons based on a single barcode scan, RedLaser helps you find the best prices around. It even gives you the location of the nearest store that has the best bargain on furniture! Available for Apple, Android and Windows phones.

8. Handy Man DIY

Thanks to this app you will never have to deal with any calculations concerning home improvement. All you have to do is input your room dimensions into the app and it will automatically calculate how much paint, trim and flooring you need, as well as other requirements for when you decide to renovate. The app also includes useful videos with how-to guides for different projects. Available for Apple devices.

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