6 Tips for Taking Great Photos of Your Home

Taking great photos of your home for sale

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This week, Scott Bollinger, Licensed Broker at Commonsense Network brokerage, part of the ComFree family in Alberta, is providing some important tips for selling your home.  You can hear his Real Estate Minutes on the radio!

When it comes to preparing your home for sale, you want to ensure that you take great photos of your home. Of course, when you choose a company like ComFree.com, we make our way over to your home to take the HDR photos that put your home in the best light.

“Great pictures are like a silent salesperson,” says Scott Bollinger, Licensed Broker at Commonsense Network brokerage, part of ComFree.  “Your home deserves them!  Photos are your buyer’s first impression when viewing your home online.”

Before our representative comes over to take your great photos, here are some things you can do to prepare your home for these pictures beforehand in order to ensure the best possible pics that will impress home buyers, lead to a visit and, ultimately, a sale.

Photos of the exterior of your home

1- Garage and driveway

You might think that keeping your drop-top sports car in the driveway is a great for taking great photos of your home, but you would be wrong. All cars need to either be in the garage with doors closed or parked on the street, far enough away that they aren’t in the picture. Make sure the driveway, patio and sidewalks are swept clean and are free of leaves and debris.

2- Equipment

Sure, you have tons of tools for the garden and the pool, but these things are not a part of taking great pictures of your home and do not need to be in the pictures. Make sure to put everything out of sight in an orderly manner so that when homebuyers visit your home and open storage areas, things are tidy.

Put trash cans away and place hoses and sprinklers out of sight. If it’s summertime, show off the deck by placing the patio umbrella in its place and removing the barbecue cover.

3- Landscape

Taking great pictures of your home includes making sure you mow the lawn, cleaning up the yard and, of course, storing the lawn mower out of sight. Trim your bushes and trees as well, so that a clear view of the home shows through in the pictures.

Ensure that you wipe down the front door and don’t be afraid to show off the landscape, although it would serve you best to ensure that all the plants you choose are low maintenance.

Photos of the interior of your home

Taking photos of your home for sale

See this gorgeous home at ComFree.com

4- Windows

Natural light is your ally when it comes to taking great pictures of your home, so ensure that all the windows are closed and that your blinds are all set to the same height, half open usually works best. As for your windows and mirrors in the home, give then a good, streak-free shine.

5- De-personalize

Because you want the potential buyer to picture themselves in your new home, pack away your mementos and pictures of the family, as well as any and all evidence of chore products like trash cans, cleansing products, paperwork, newspapers and magazines.

If your fridge is covered in magnets and homework, remove it and put it away. Taking great pictures of your home includes making it look move-in ready.

6- Declutter and decorate

Counter tops in kitchens and bathrooms should be cleared to give a sense of spaciousness. Add a touch of color to your home with a bowl of fruit (lemons or green apples always work well). Feel free to add fresh folded towels to all the bathrooms and make sure that all the beds are well made.

If the weather permits, turn on the fireplace to show off how comfy your home can be. A lit fireplace is always conducive to taking great pictures of your home.

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