Are You Smart Enough to Sell Your Home?

Choosing how you are going to sell your home is a big decision.  “Homeowners need to know they don’t have to pay a huge commission to get the best exposure for their home,” says Scott Bollinger, Licensed Broker in Alberta.  “When you list with a brokerage like Commonsense Network, you get maximum exposure while saving thousands in commission.”

But some homeowners are intimidated by videos like this:

Or like this:

Are you smart enough to sell your home?

Too often, people are under the mistaken impression that it must be so complicated to sell a home without the help of a traditional real estate agent. But for the majority of smart, educated and logical people out there (read: you), selling your home and pocketing the commission so that you can do something of value with that money seems like a great option.

Are you smart enough to sell your own home?All that is left is establishing whether or not you really have what it takes to sell your home. Oftentimes, there are questions listed off by traditional real estate agents that are designed to deter you from attempting to forgo a commission-based home sale. But if you consider the following, then you might see things in a different, albeit more profitable light.

Here are the questions that a traditional real estate agent might ask you to determine if you are the right person for the home selling job, and answers that might make you rethink who should get that commission.

Do you have to take time off from work and your obligations to show the property?

Perhaps I am off my rocker here, but most people work the same hours you do and so, if they would want to see your home, it would likely be over the weekend or during the evening.

As well, you would have to give your home a once over (read: clean) and make sure that everything is in order and presentable for potential homebuyers no matter who is selling the home.

Finally, when you opt to sell your home and pocket the commission, you speak directly with the interested buyer or the buyer’s agent and you decide when is a good time for them to come see your home.

Can you market your property effectively and efficiently when it relates to cost and maximum exposure?

With the ComFree network, you get a ton of tools and services that provide you with great exposure (the best exposure in Ontario and Alberta, where we operate as a 0% brokerage called Commonsense Network, because we post your listing on the top 2 online real estate networks in the country – and and more marketing tools that you can shake a stick at.

Will you understand the complex terms in contracts?

Besides the fact that you can probably read and absorb information (pardon the sarcasm), with us, you have access to real estate lawyers and legal documents, so there is no need to shy away from a contract. As well, we now provide a service called offerAssist in Ontario and Alberta, where we handle negotiations and the offer.

At the end of the day, you will need a lawyer to finalize your home sale anyway, so while there may be some “complex terms,” experts are there to help you figure out what they mean, so there is really nothing to worry about.

Do you know how to pick the market price?

Picking the right price for your home is not rocket science and with a little due diligence, you can find out what your home is worth and what an adequate asking price would be. From sold comparables to comparables for sale, as well as pricing assistance in the form of a Comparative Market Analysis or something similar, you can easily establish the right asking price.

Are you comfortable with negotiating a contract on a face-to-face basis with potential buyers?

If you stand to pocket thousands of dollars in commission, is the negotiation process really going to deter you from that? Speaking directly with a homebuyer or a buyer’s agent is like speaking with a colleague in a professional atmosphere and all that is required is your ability to speak well and ensure that you know exactly how much you want to walk away with when it comes to finalizing the sale. Again, we now provide a service called offerAssist in Ontario and Alberta, where we handle negotiations and the offer.

You are smart enough to sell your home

If you are willing to put the time in by preparing your home for sale and cleaning it up every time someone wants to check it out, why shouldn’t you reap the rewards and pocket the commission for the work you would have to put in anyway?

If you plan on selling your home, visit today.

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  1. Steven says:

    I love the article. Straight forward. Selling your home can be difficult but not if you do your homework first.

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