How to Use Social Media to Sell Your Home: 5 Tips

Tips for Using social media to sell your home

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This week, Scott Bollinger, Licensed Broker at Commonsense Network brokerage, part of the ComFree family in Alberta, is providing some important tips for selling your home.  You can hear his Real Estate Minutes on the radio on 96.3 Capital FM!

Whether you’re selling your home the ComFree way or the traditional way, online visibility is vital to a successful sale. Being present on Canada’s two largest real estate websites ( and is, of course, helpful. But you can give your home sale the needed edge in the market by engaging with potential buyers on social media platforms. Here are 5 tips for how to use social media to sell your home.

“Personal networks can be a huge asset when it comes time to sell,” says Scott Bollinger, Licensed Broker at Commonsense Network brokerage in Alberta.  “Get your home on, and then tell your friends, family and coworkers about it!”

1. Select your keywords.

To use social media to sell your home, you need to use relevant and searchable keywords. As you complete the description of your home on My ComFree, imagine you were someone searching for a new home online and use keywords liberally in your descriptions.

2. Create a draw for your property.

One powerful way to use social media to sell your home is to create a story. Think about why you love this home and build a narrative around your home, then ask your friends to share!

Consider also what makes your home attractive. Don’t just tell people they’re going to fall in love with your home: pick several features and tell them why. This will motivate people to share your post.

3. Prepare dynamic content.

You want your home to catch people’s attention in social media. To do that, you need to provide engaging and dynamic content.

Written descriptions of your home are important, as potential buyers will be looking for detailed information about the property.

We cannot overemphasize the value of providing lots of high-quality photos of your property. Take the time to have your home properly staged (either on your own or professionally).

Photos don’t just have to be of the rooms and the outside of the house. Get creative and share in social media photos of what you love about your home!

4. Select your platform(s).

Every home sale is different, and you will have to decide for yourself which social media platforms will be most effective in promoting your sale. Here are a few:

Facebook & Google+

These are the most common social media platforms, and most people will have already built a community of friends and circles.

Facebook is a highly visual platform, perfect for sharing your beautiful home photos. If you are writing a blog about your home sale or have created a website, linking it to Google+ and giving yourself authorship credit will increase your page’s visibility in Google searches.


On Twitter, hashtags (#) are your friend. Using hashtags of keywords and phrases you can post the link to your listing or website to increase visibility. You can also use hashtags to highlight your home’s attractive features.


The ComFree network offers some of the best HDR photos in the industry. They’re gorgeous photos of your home, so share them! Use the buttons right in the listing page to share them on Pinterest, and create your own board called “Selling My Home”.


Platforms like Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress make it easy to create visually attractive blogs. You can easily post photos and good verbal content on a blog.

A blog is also a great place for a narrative and you can write about the sales process (“successful open house this weekend”) and write posts showcasing your property’s most attractive features.


One step up from a blog, you can even create your own website. This might require more time than you’re willing to invest, but as this example from Australia proves, it can have spectacularly good results.


Video can also be a valuable medium when selling your home. If you have the resources and time to create a promotional video for your home sale, take the time to do it!

But be careful: video of anything less than the highest quality may negatively impact your home sale in social media. Therefore only use this medium if you’re confident you can do it right.

5. Use social media respectfully.

If you’re going to use social media to sell your home you need to make sure not to spam your friends and/or followers. Posting too frequently can negatively impact your social media success.

Post on Facebook about once a week, and on Twitter a few times a week. Don’t overdo it, and always share something a new feature or story when you post.

Finally, remember that social media is just that: social! Ask your friends to share your listing and soon you’ll create the visibility you need to successfully sell your home.

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  1. steve says:

    We have recently looked into using Google Earth as an opening to featured house videos. It allows prospects to see how far they are from the city, nearest transit and school information, and answers other questions that people want to know at viewings.

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