Top 10 Tips for Writing a Property Description That Sells

This week, Scott Bollinger, Licensed Broker at Commonsense Network brokerage, part of the ComFree family in Alberta, is providing some important tips for selling your home.  You can hear his Real Estate Minutes on the radio on 96.3 Capital FM!

Nowadays, it’s a given that you will place your property for sale online; however, writing a property description that sells is your first step towards selling your home in a timely manner. I can attest to the fact that, too often, the property descriptions I read could use some improvement.

Writing a property description that sells isn’t difficult, so long as you are armed with the following tips:

Tips for writing a property description that sells

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Tips for writing a property description that sells #10

Don’t write in caps
While you may think that writing in caps will capture a homebuyer’s attention, what you may not be aware of is that writing in caps tells the reader that you are essentially shouting your entire property description at them.

Sure, you can write a catchy headline in caps for effect (instead of writing “Home with large backyard,” write, “A Gardener’s Paradise), but do not write the entire property description that way or people will skip over your listing.

Tips for writing a property description that sells #9

Avoid typos
From “walking closet” and “wreck room” to “stainless steal appliances” and “hardware floors,” many property descriptions come chock-full of typos. Some homebuyers have a difficult time taking a listing seriously when they are busy laughing at all the spelling and grammatical errors in the listing.

Tips for writing a property description that sells #8

Use tantalizing adjectives
Using words like “beautiful,” “turn-key” and “gorgeous” in your property description will capture the attention of potential homebuyers, so use them to your advantage when describing your home for sale.

Tips for writing a property description that sells #7

Use bullet points
When people surf the web, they don’t read; they scan. Make it as easy as possible for homebuyers by listing off the great things about your property rather than write up a novella.

Using bullet points is always a great idea as are sub-headers, they tell the reader what the upcoming paragraph will address.

Tips for writing a property description that sells #6

Be descriptive
I could go on and on with descriptive words such as, comfortable, stylish, luxurious, magnificent, elegant, and practical, but it is ultimately up to you to create a property description that sells your home to a potential homebuyer.

Tips for writing a property description that sells #5

Keep it short
Sure, there is so much about your home that needs to be revealed, but a property description should not exceed 250 words. Remember that a property description should drive the homebuyer to pick up the phone and inquire about more information.

Tips for writing a property description that sells #4

Don’t discriminate
Your objective is to sell your home, so it is in your best interest to avoid words like: “perfect for family,” “no children,” “Christian,” and “close to synagogue,” as you might lose many potential buyers by trying to hone in on one type. Keep your sale neutral and provide these details only once the buyer makes a comment about having a big family or being religious.

Tips for writing a property description that sells #3

Use known name brands
If your appliances come with the home, name dropping is a good thing. Same goes for the architect you used or the interior designer, or even the name brand of windows and window treatments. If you’re asking price is slightly higher than everyone else, reveal why that is.

Tips for writing a property description that sells #2

Use great pictures
Not only should your home be ready for its closeup, the pictures you take should be high-quality. How many pictures should your listing have? Between 10 and 20 is fine.

Make sure the beds are made, the clutter is gone and it all looks move-in ready.

Tips for writing a property description that sells #1

Have a call to action
All this without a “call us today” or “visit this home by calling” is not the ideal situation, so make sure your property description ends off with a distinct call to action. Ensure that all your contact information is correct and speak to the homebuyers in a conversational tone.

Property descriptions that sell begin with words

Sometimes, other circumstances get in the way of selling your home quickly and efficiently, but making sure that your property descriptions is not once of those things is a step in the right direction.

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  1. Kyle Winters says:

    Pictures are really one of the biggest things you can include in a property listing to make it sell. However, as the article points out, you want to make sure that these are good, quality photos. After all, people want to get an idea of whether or not they like your home before they spend time touring it. They can’t really do that if the only impression they have of your house is grainy and out of focus.

  2. Ed says:

    Exactly. Poorly written descriptions can turn off prospective buyers. It will also help to research on keywords that best “sell” for properties in a specific location.

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