House vs Apartment: 5 Reasons it’s Better to Buy a House

Living in an apartment can feel liberating as you more than likely don’t have responsibility for a great deal of the maintenance and work that goes into the establishment. If there’s an issue with the building (for instance the roof leaks) it is up to the superintendent to deal with the issue. However, there are some advantages to buying a home than an apartment.  Here we look at one side of the debate House vs. Apartment and give 5 reasons why you’re better off buying a house than an apartment.

1. Additions

When you own your own home, you are able to make additions that are simply not possible in an apartment building.

Depending on the area you live in, you may have to acquire a building permit for your addition, but theoretically if you have enough land, you can expand.

There is virtually no limit to what you can build on your own property as long as you follow the codes and ordinances of your city.

House vs Apartment

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2. Removals

Perhaps you would like to open the kitchen up more and put in a breakfast nook? As long as you don’t take out a support beam, grab the sledge hammer and get to work.

Such changes can be trickier in an apartment, and may require special permissions. Since the work you are completing is inside the home, there are no permits you need to worry about either.

3. Yard Work

Although some homeowners like yard work more than others, you are free to do anything with your garden that you wish.

If you prefer to have rock gardens instead of flowers, an outdoor waterfall, or planting trees around the property line to create a natural “fence”, then it is up to you to develop the landscaping.

Again, this could also be determined by your city ordinances and locations of what can be installed in your yard.

4. Green Conversion

As a homeowner, you have the ability to convert your home to a “greener” way of living without asking for permission.

Install wool insulation, solar panels on the roof, or build a wind generator in the back yard. Of course, certain developments may require permission, and you may want to consider your neighbors if installing anything so large as a wind generator!

The point is that you can revamp the home in any way you see fit in order to fit your sociological beliefs.

5. Investment

One of the biggest arguments homeowners will throw at those who rent is the fact that the monthly mortgage payment goes towards owning something that can be a future money maker.

Homeowners can move into a new home and rent the old one out to generate additional cash. Some have made a living out of owning several rental houses, which have been able to generate enough extra money to let them quit their daily jobs.

Whether you choose a house or an apartment, it is up to you to discover what will be the most fulfilling for your personal needs. As long as you’re happy in the situation you’re in, who is to tell you otherwise? The essential thing is to feel at home in the home or apartment you choose.

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