5 Ways to Remodel Your Basement Floor

If you have a basement, there is a good chance that the floor is made out of cement or concrete. While your basement may not have much of a purpose aside from storage, you can make much more out of it by adding rooms. While this is completely dependent on the square footage of the area, you could add a great deal of aesthetics as well as a resale value with these 5 ways to remodel your basement floor.

1. Cement Paint

There are many people who would like to be able to simply paint the basement floor. And it is possible! These are special paints that act as a sealant and some of them can produce a gloss finish. If your flooring is smooth, then this style of decor could save you a great deal of money and time while still producing amazing results that could survive the harshest conditions.

5 Ways to Remodel Your Basement Floor2. Peel and Stick

Some people out there might scoff at the idea of using peel and stick tiles on the basement floor. If your area is rocky from damage to the cement, getting these tiles to stick may be quite difficult.

However, if the area is smoothed out, spreading a layer of Kilz on the surface before applying the tiles can create a bond that could survive several floods without even separating the tiles after placement.

3. Carpet

There are a few ways you can lay down carpet. One of the most common is to “shoot” the carpet strips along the edges of the walls directly into the cement of your basement floor before laying down the padding. Since it is next to impossible to staple the padding to the cement in order to stabilize it, glue is applied to the underside of the pad in order to hold it steady.

4. Laminate

Another popular and common method is to lay down laminate. This laminate is usually developed to look like hardwood and can be very easy to install on a basement floor. By putting down a layer of membrane for the laminate to sit on, you can simply snap each piece together like a puzzle.

Very few tools are needed in order to install this style of flooring, and the only real difficult part of the process is cutting the pieces to match odd angles around objects such as fireplaces.

5. Ceramic Tile

Although peel and stick tiles are easier to install, ceramic tiles can give your basement floor that professional look and can be developed in a variety of ways.

One of the more enticing features of ceramic tile is that you can mix and match designs as long as the thickness and shapes can be matched without too much alteration.

There are many ways you can finish a basement floor to fit the niche of your design. While some ideas may withstand the test of time, others may be more temporary depending on your future plans for your basement. Be sure to invest in a strategy that is right for you and your home.

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