The Role of Furniture in Interior Decorating

Knowing even just a few basic interior design principles can really help transform a room or a space into something amazing. When walking into a well-designed room, it just feels right; you can sense the cohesiveness of everything coming together perfectly. This can be accomplished with a little knowledge and practice. Surprisingly, the right furniture can also play a big role in successful interior decorating.

Furniture strikes a balance

The first and most basic principle of design is balance. The idea here is to make everything feel equal in terms of their visual weight or appeal. This is created in a number of ways, including shape, color, pattern and even texture.

The first type of balance is symmetrical (or formal). This is attained when a space is split into two even sides that mirror each other. Pieces bought at a furniture outlet store can be used for this; an example is placing two chairs on either side of a table. Of course, it is important not to overdo this or else things can become monotonous and boring.

Asymmetrical balance is another idea in this category. With this principle, visual weights are balanced without having an exact duplication. As an example, a couch on one side of a room might be balanced by having two chairs on the other side.

The Role of Furniture in Interior DecoratingRhythm in interior design

The idea of rhythm is to create patterns and contrasts in an effort to achieve visual interest. When done properly and effectively, your eye will automatically move around the room. A great way to do this is by using a color in a piece of furniture such as a love seat or sofa, then the same color in a painting, and once again in the rug.

Emphasis: Showcase a conversation piece

This is another name for a piece that is considered an anchor, or a point of interest. This could be something like a fireplace or an exceptional view. Furniture can also be used to enhance or emphasize this anchor.

In some cases, a room does not have a natural anchor or focal point. In this case, you can create your own emphasis. Use either a large or unusual piece or groupings of furniture. Visiting a furniture showroom, in many cases, is a great way to see these principles in action.

Proportion and scale

It is important to pay attention to the proportion (the ration between the size of one part to another) and scale of your furniture and other design elements. Obviously, having a very large piece of furniture in a very small room would look odd.

There are a number of things to keep in mind here, such as making sure you use a balanced ratio between the smaller and larger elements and then between the larger elements and the room as a whole. This is a classic formula that appears in architecture as far back as ancient Greece.

Keeping these basic design principles in mind can help to transform your space into something spectacular. These ideas will also help you make informed furniture choices and provide many options for interior design.

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Author Bio:

Adrienne Erin is a writer and design student who loves perusing the local furniture outlet store to see what bargains she will come across. She recently moved into an apartment built in 1900 that she decorated with modern pieces – which she wrote about for the ComFree blog.


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    Thank you for sharing Great Content!
    Furniture plays a very important role in decorating a home.

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    Modern furniture enhances the looks of the office by adding beauty and glory to the office atmosphere. This is one of the main reasons why corporate offices give significant importance and spend money for the selection and manufacture of their office furniture.

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