Top 5 Apps For Home Security

Homes are becoming increasingly automated.  You can control your blinds, lighting, and more from your smartphone!  Home security options are also available for the smartphone, and here we discuss the top 5 apps for home security.

Top 5 Apps for Home Security

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1. ADT Pulse (SM) Interactive Solution

This app is the cream of the crop.  With this app, you can remotely activate and deactivate your ADT security system. The app works for ADT customers that have an ADT security system installed. If your system includes home automation, you can control other features of the house remotely with your smartphone.

Adjust the thermostat and turn the lights on or off to save energy. You can also view cameras placed in your home from your smartphone. You can conveniently receive text messages and email alerts from ADT regarding events.

2. AtHome Camera Pro

Monitor what happens in your home when you are not there with the AtHome Camera Pro app and AtHome Video Streamer.

The process requires a download to your computer in order to sync with the app.  Once downloaded and connected with your unique ID, you’ll be able to view the web camera remotely.

When you are not watching, the web camera will automatically record a 30 second clip when the motion sensor is activated. Afterward, an email is sent to you notifying you of the event. There is a scheduling option as well.

3. iCam – Webcam Video Streaming

Watch what goes on in your home with iCam. This app displays camera feeds from in-home cameras placed in various rooms.

It works with the iCamSource software and iCamWeb, both of which connect your webcams to the internet and to your smartphone. Instantly receive push notifications on your smartphone when a camera is activated by a motion sensor. You can record and playback video remotely as well.

4. AutoArm

If you don’t have a security system or cameras, AutoArm can help. It turns your smartphone into an alarm that is triggered by motion and sound.

Simply place it near a door. It will play a loud sound when someone enters the room. You can also place the smartphone in a purse with the app activated to ward off burglars if they attempt to take the purse.

5. Lookout: to locate a lost smartphone

If you’re anxious about putting access to your home security system on your smartphone, you can gain a little peace of mind with Lookout.  It isn’t a home security app, but it’s designed to find your phone and create a backup of contacts. Simply log onto the website and locate your lost phone on a map.

Having access to your home security system on your smartphone does have its drawbacks.  You must be especially careful with your phone, and you may want to consider putting a lock code on it.  If you have a tendency to misplace, drop or otherwise abuse your phone, think carefully before taking this step.

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Author Bio:

Chris Grasso is from Tampa, Florida. He used to learn about the home security industry and searching for apps that were compatible with these features.

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