4 Apps To Help You Organize Your Home

Many days, home is as much where the stress is as where the heart is. Instead of causing yourself more stress because you’ve lost your pocket calendar, download a few apps that can do it all for you instead. Keeping your home organized saves time. More importantly, it reduces stress, which means fewer headaches, no matter what your situation back home may be. Here are four apps that will help you keep your home better organized.

1. Grocery IQ

Grocery IQ is a lifesaver for working parents on the go. If you have a list of essentials — most of which never get written down — and need a specific time frame and a budget; or if you simply hate spending two hours in the grocery store, this is for you.

Grocery IQ saves purchased items in a compiled list, based on a larger database and other notes. It enables you to list and save the size, quantity, and brand; organizes your list by aisle; and even incorporates a coupon book to save money.

2. BillMinder

With everything else going on, remembering when to pay the bills is an easy but unfortunate thing to neglect. Use BillMinder to collect your bills into a list, organize them by deadline, and receive reminder updates when deadlines are approaching.

For those who love online bill pay, you also have the option to set a password-protected AutoPay feature and have BillMinder pay your bills for you.

4 Apps to help you organize your home3. Brightnest

Brightnest keeps track of various other home improvement tasks: testing the smoke detector, cleaning the furnace filter, and even washing the floors.

It provides many recommendations and tips for clean living, and directs specific articles to you on how to clean better, eat better, and improve your home in any number of budget-friendly, environment-conscious, and home decor-inventive ways.

4. Epicurious

Some days, the most difficult decision is choosing what to make for dinner. Epicurious solves that problem with a snap. Featuring more than 30,000 recipes, Epicurious also provides search functions for recipes that include only what you’ve got on hand in the kitchen.

It has information on which vegetables and fruits are in season, and a share feature for recipes that deserve to be sent to your mother, father, aunt, uncle, neighbor, or whomever you designate.

Even for homes without children, a spouse or significant other, or a pet, home organization can be tricky for people trying to keep their place in the 40-plus-hours-per-week workforce. These apps will surely help to minimalize things, and allow you some free time to enjoy yourself more.

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