Moving Home Sustainably for the Budget-Conscious

Moving house on a budget can be challenging. Finding inexpensive packing materials and physically moving belongings from one home to another without breaking the bank can be tough. Add into the equation the desire to make a move greener and less harmful to the environment, and it seems like we’ve set ourselves an impossible task.

However, as with many aspects of sustainable living, going green can often mean going budget too. Here are a few great tips for moving home sustainably while also saving money.

Moving Home Sustainably1. Plan ahead and de-clutter effectively

The earlier you get going with de-cluttering, accumulating boxes and recycling rubbish, the better job you will do.

There is no point in moving stuff you no longer need. It will only add to clutter taking up space in your new home, and you would need more boxes, and a bigger van, thus adding to the cost of moving.

2. Recycle your unwanted items

Recycling can mean all sorts of things, but the goal is to NOT let everything end up in landfill.

Some of your good quality items you’ll be able to sell online, which can add to the budget. If you don’t want the hassle of selling, try giving things away online or donating them to your favorite charity.

3. Rent plastic boxes

It might be tempting to use cardboard boxes for your move, but the truth is few are going to be a suitable size, shape and strength to efficiently move your stuff.

Opt instead to rent plastic boxes from a specialist company; these can be reused over and over again.

4. Use your belongings as packing materials

You may want to use bubble wrap when packing breakables, but this low-grade plastic is not biodegradable and comes with a hefty carbon cost and can be expensive.

A good alternative is to use your blankets, towels, t-shirts and pillows to pack and protect your breakables.

5. Box up everything

It might be easier to leave larger or awkward items out of boxes, but unboxed items take a lot more space as they don’t stack as well as boxes do.

6. Choose your moving company carefully

It might seem less expensive to move yourself, but with an affordable moving company, you can get professional help to complete the move in one go, saving both diesel costs and time.

7. Clean green

You’ll need to thoroughly clean your old home before you move out, and will sometimes wish to clean the new home before you get there.

Keep your cleaning kit handy to save having to rush out and buy something, and cut up old clothes you were throwing out to use cleaning rags.

Use eco-friendly cleaners or simple household products such as bicarbonate or white vinegar to clean without chemicals.

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