4 Tips for Designing an Inviting Guest Room

Moving into a new home that has a guest room  is a good opportunity for new homeowners to experiment with decorating – an audition of sorts – for design aspects you may want to incorporate into the rooms you use daily, but are unsure about.  Here are a few tips for designing a welcoming and inviting guest room.

1. A guest room needs a fantastic bed

The focal point of your spare bedroom will always be the bed, so make it fantastic.

If you have hardwood floors, go for a classic country brass bed set atop a vintage rug. Canopy beds, sleigh beds, and trundle beds all make especially lovely choices.

As a new home owner, your budget may be feeling the pinch- but spare no expense on luxurious bed linens!  They are one of the most important design elements in a guestroom, and function accompanies form.

4 Tips for Designing an Inviting Guest Room2. Select a soothing color palette

Whether you choose vintage crocheted spreads or something with more of a modern flair, a watercolor palette works well.

Country coastal designs are currently all the rage.  The palette should include muted hues and natural beach colors: seashell reminiscent peaches and pinks, sky blues, seafoam greens.

A touch of yellow, coral or lavender will invoke the feel of sunset on the beach. Consider a white/sand palette for walls and furniture, allowing the linens and accessories to provide welcome bursts of colour.

3. Furnish your guest room well.

If the room is generously sized, try to appoint it with as many of the comforts of home that will fit comfortably.

A bistro table and a few stools will be appreciated at breakfast time, or should your guest indulge in afternoon tea or a midnight snack.

A coffee maker in the room with single serving pouches, hotel style, makes a thoughtful addition, though of course you’ll want your guests to always feel comfortable joining you for a cup.

Be sure to provide a comfy chair or chaise, ideally in a neutral shade, to work with a wide range of color palettes should you choose to switch out the linens and pillows. A lamp and a small incidental table by the chair will turn it into a perfect reading nook.

4. Provide entertainment.

A media center replete with television, DVD player, stereo, and radio- along with a small, eclectic media library can make all the difference in a standout guest room.

A bookcase filled with some classics as well as lighter fare is yet another thoughtful amenity for your visitor.

Soothing country coastal decor evokes fond memories of beach holidays, and spending time in a well-appointed guest room means enjoying the little luxuries of a bed and breakfast while enveloped in the comfort that only a friend or family member can provide.

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Jennifer Barnum is Design Editor for Maine Cottage Furniture. She enjoys writing about home décor and design.

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