Roof Maintenance 101: Keeping Your Roof in Good Repair

As a homeowner, there are projects that you look forward to, plan for years, save up for and dream about. Then there are roof repair projects; those projects that people think about but are too scared to bring up till they have no choice.

People dread the expense, the big mess and loss of time. It’s also pretty stressful as doing it wrong can result in disastrous consequences like advanced roof damage, higher costs and astronomical power bills. If you’d like to keep your roof in good condition over the next few years here are some improvement tips you need to know about.

Roof Maintenance 101 Keeping Your Roof in Good Repair1. Sometimes It Pays To Pay A Professional

Experts say you should inspect your roof a few times a year.

If you see stains streaking down the shingles or have shingles that have buckled or started curling, rusty flashings and spots that are missing granules you should definitely call for a professional assessment.

If you can see moss or mold on your roof or signs of water stains in the attic you might have a problem. Leaks that appear after a few days of rain, or unusually high utilities bills may also be signs of a problem.

2. Don’t Neglect Regular Maintenance

Once you have done your annual inspection you need to clean out all the dust and cobwebs from your ventilation system and any vents.

Pipes and vaults should be caulked with a quality sealant. Make sure any exposed metal is painted over to prevent rusting. Clean out old leaves from the gutters so they don’t get blocked and overflow

Remember only to go on the roof if the weather is good and to exercise caution.

3. Make The Right Choice Of Material For Your Roof

Experts say an asphalt shingle roof will last for 20 years but others say that any roof that is fitted correctly and with the relevant components should be able to last a lifetime.

Material makes a difference and the type of material you choose for your roof can affect your home’s appeal from the street if you are trying to sell one day.

4. Dealing With Asbestos

Asbestos was used originally in construction because of its resistance to fire, its strength and for its insulation properties. However, it becomes highly toxic when it weathers, as lichen grows on the fibers and secretes oxalic acid. This substance erodes the cement composition of the roof and exposes the asbestos, which can be very dangerous.

When this happens you have two options: you can have an asbestos roof replacement or you can have the surface treated with an encapsulation coating.

You should have a professional look at your roof to determine exactly what needs to be done and what cost it will imply.


Being a home owner implies making smart investments, so that all the actions you take increase the value of your home, be it for personal comfort or for better sales rates.

Author Bio:

Roxana is a home design entrepreneur and an independent consultant for Focus Demolition, a company that offers asbestos roof replacement services.

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