4 Reasons To Have An Open House

When it comes to having an open house, some aren’t sure about the advantages to holding one. After being listed for a couple of weeks, holding an open house for prospective homebuyers might be a good idea for the following reasons.

Advantages to having an open house

Advantages to having an open house

Reasons to have an open house #1

Managing your time
People who sell privately need to minimize the time spent on the sale of their home. Open houses can be a great way to do this. Not everyone has the time to keep their home clean all the time or to show their home on a Wednesday night when they are trying to put their children to bed.

You can use an Open Houses to manage your time by inviting all buyers to come by on the weekend. You can spend the morning of your open house cleaning and preparing for your visitors and then devote three to four hours concentrating on showing your home and talking with buyers.

Reasons to have an open house #2

Weekends are for buyers
You are likely incredibly busy during the week, and there’s a really good chance that homebuyers are also quite busy.

Most buyers will search online during the week and then spend the weekend visiting homes and open houses. Making your home available during the weekend is an important way to reach homebuyers.

Reasons to have an open house #3

Open house signs attract buyers
Signs are one of the most important factors to selling a home. Imagine a buyer overlooking your home to visit an open house around the corner. Not a good feeling, right?

If you do not have your open house signs up, there is a chance that they might miss your home. Open houses allow you to place temporary signs in your neighbourhood on the weekends when all the buyers are out shopping for their next home. What an excellent opportunity!

Reasons to have an open house #4

Create a buzz
Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd. One important factor of inviting all the buyers to an open house, is that they will see other interested buyers and this will prompt them to take action if they are interested in buying your home.

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  1. John says:

    I think the article makes a good point about how open houses can be good for time management. My wife and I are generally pretty busy, so having an open house when selling a home could be beneficial for someone like us since it could be at a time that works for us. And seeing as how an open house can attract serious buyers, I’d imagine it would also expedite the selling process.

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