10 Ways to Conserve Water in the Home

Fresh, clear, drinkable water is something most of us take for granted because of how easy it is to turn a faucet and have it pour out. The truth is, though, there’s a few reasons why we should try to conserve more water in the home:

-Only a small percentage of water on earth is of drinking quality;
-Harsh droughts have stricken parts of North America over the past decade causing major losses to agriculture and water resources;
-Since owning a home comes with so many expenses saving water means lower water bills.

For these reasons, and the fact that saving water is the environmentally friendly thing to do, here are 10 ways to conserve water around your home.

In the bathroom

1. The Toilet

The best way to conserve water here is to switch to a more efficient toilet with two flush options. Otherwise gallons upon gallons of water can be wasted daily.

2. Shower

Most of us turn on the faucet letting water flow until it’s reached the right temperature. Instead of letting it go to waste catch it in a bucket to reuse for washing the floor or watering the garden.

Turning off the shower except to rinse is another effective way to conserve water.

In the kitchen

10 ways to conserve water in the home3. Washing dishes

Since this uses up a lot of water try to only have the faucet running when rinsing and not while scrubbing.

4. Garbage disposal

Instead of using the garbage disposal, which usually requires the faucet to be on, take all food scraps and compost them. You’ll be saving water and making some great fertilizer for the garden in the process!

5. Stovetop

When you boil vegetables, eggs, or make hot water for tea, use the water after it cools down for your plants.

6. Washing machine

Whenever possible doing full loads will not only save water but lots of electricity.

In the yard & garden

7. Use a watering can

When watering the garden it’s best to use a watering can or a bottle with a narrow spout instead of a hose. It’s easier to direct water to the base of plants which is where it’s needed most.

8. Replace needy vegetation

Replacing needy plants with low maintenance vegetation saves water. For example some species of grass need far less water than others and can withstand the scorching mid-summer sun.

9. Rainwater

Collecting rainwater is a great way to cut down on using water from the tap. Just make sure it’s in a sealed container so it doesn’t help breed insects like mosquitoes.

10. Water in the morning

The best time to water the yard and garden is in the early morning when the sun hasn’t risen too high. That way water has a chance to seep into the ground and reach roots without drying up too quickly.


By following these simple suggestions you can conserve water and help reduce your home’s environmental impact! For more tips for making your home green, read our 6 ways to create a green home.

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Author Bio:

Jakob Barry is a green living journalist for Networx.com. Networx.com helps homeowners save time, money and frustration by connecting them with home improvement professionals. From roofers and carpentors to plumbing contractors and electricians, Networx simplifies the process of locating a reliable professional.

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