5 Tips for Troubleshooting Air Conditioning Problems at Home

Air conditioning is almost ubiquitous in homes across Canada. To make sure your air conditioning unit is working properly on hot summer days logical and consistent maintenance is key.  With some basic knowledge of the equipment, you can troubleshoot problems with your air conditioning unit at home without having to call a professional. Here are 5 practical tips:

Toubleshooting Air Conditioning problems at home

Don’t let this happen to you.

1. Check the Thermostat Settings

Ensure the thermostat is giving the correct temperature by using a free-roaming thermostat and comparing temperatures.

It is not uncommon for the temperatures to be off by 1-5 degrees Celsius, but if it is more than 5, this should be a concern. By consulting the user’s manual and the display unit it can quickly become apparent whether the unit is set correctly.

2. Clean out the Condenser & Coils

If the unit is not cooling after securing the setting it could be for several different reasons.

First of all you should check the condenser; it could be blocked or dirty. In this case, a thorough cleaning can restore the correct functionality.

Always remember to shut off your air conditioning unit and unplug it when cleaning!

It may be that the coil and fins need cleaning. The fins could also be out of shape, and repairing them might require a little expert knowledge.  If you aren’t confident doing it yourself, call a professional.

3. Check the Interior Fan

If the interior fan (the furnace) is not functioning, this could be due to an accumulation of excess ice in the unit.

This can be temporarily resolved by turning off the unit and allowing the ice to melt and then clear. However, this is often the result of a wider issue which will require professional assistance.

4. Give it a Little Love

For an air conditioning unit to function correctly and deliver cool and filtered air it should be treated with the respect and care that it deserves. After all, such a hard working piece of equipment is bound to require a certain amount of attention!

The quantity of undetectable dust and dirt that a unit can uncover in its daily activities can be considerable, so it always pays to regularly clean and remove the build-up.

5. Know when to Call the Professionals

An incorrectly functioning air conditioning unit can hold many risks. If you see an irregular spike on your electric bill, this can mean it is using an unnecessary amount of energy to get the job done. If you are unsure why, it is best to call a professional.

In the case of major problems requiring expert assistance, any insights you can give the professional from a basic examination can be of great assistance.

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About the Author:

Steve Goodman is a retired construction worker and a self-certified handyman. Steve recommends looking to Reliance Home Comfort for air conditioner maintenance.

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  1. Betty J. Burgess says:

    Know when to call professionals. True! I have been a victim of those aircon technicians who for how many times kept on tricking me by telling me that I need some aircon spare parts because my aircon doesn’t work the way it was before. KNOW WHEN TO CALL PROS. 🙁

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