5 Unique Up-Cycling Decor Ideas

We all have furniture in our homes that we’re tired of and would like to see gone, but before calling a removal service, consider up-cycling some of those old pieces! Up-cycling is the popular trend amongst home designers and interior decorators of taking old, unwanted items and making significant improvements so they become like brand new pieces.

Here are 5 clever and unique up-cycling ideas for transforming your home décor.

1. Old suitcases become interesting side tables

Vintage items are in vogue, so old suitcases should never be taken to the dump!

Unique Up-Cycling Decor IdeasSimply screw on some legs and give it a clean and voilà! You have a new vintage-style side table complete with built-in storage.  Using a clear lacquer paint can help make it more stable.

2. Old doors have a whole host of uses

If you have old doors that you are replacing, give the old one a sand down and a lick of paint and get creative with a new use for it.

Attach a full length mirror glass to turn it into a gorgeous freestanding mirror, or add hooks at the top and a shoe rack at the bottom to create a stunning, totally unique hall stand.

3. Give wardrobes and drawers new life

Up-cycling large items like wardrobes and drawer units can be easier than you think. Before doing anything, give them a good rub down and a base of undercoat to give you a good foundation to work with.

Now you can have some fun changing the color, adding new handles and up-cycling your items to fit better with your décor.

For a really interesting touch, add some decoupage on the outside or even wallpaper on the inside which will turn a shabby piece into something truly chic.

4. Old cot becomes useful seating for the kids

If your baby has grown out of her cot, don’t send it to the dump

If you’re a bit handy with wood, you’ll be able to cut and repurpose the cot into a great little bench for young children.

If you are clever with the way you cut it, you should be able to make a matching table too!

Unique Up-cycling Ideas5. Up-cycle baby clothes into soft toys

All parents have a tendency to hang on to things that remind them of when their baby was small.

Things like their first babygro, first blanket and first outfit all clutter up space in our drawers as we struggle to let go of the memories.

Rather than keeping them tucked away where they are never seen, why not have a go at sewing these items of clothing into some lovable, huggable soft toys for your little one to play with?

Before throwing anything out, take a minute to think out of the box and see if it could be of use some other, new and fun way!

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Rony Mikal is a content writer who has great flair for decoration and interior design. He is always searching for new challenges. Therefore his articles are focused on Removal Company in London and relocation services. He is now using his expertise to write for home improvement and value adding ideas.

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