5 Steps for Transforming Your Garage

Ah, the garage! A place where things go to be forgotten, a dungeon for the toys, tools, and tasks that we might someday get to.  If you want to create more space, increase curb appeal, or if you’re selling your house and need it in tip-top shape it’s time to clean it out. Don’t fret. Here are 5 simple steps for transforming your garage from dungeon to ideal man cave.

5 Steps to Transform Your Garage

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1. Time to Empty – All of it

Depressing task? Nope. Make it fun! Plug in your iPod, enjoy a frosty beverage and start organizing items onto your driveway or yard.

Create a donation pile, recycling heap, and trash mound. Leave nothing on the garage floor so that you’ll be free to sweep and hose it down.

Force yourself to stick with the things you’ve used in the past year. If that croquet set hasn’t seen the light of day in decades, let it go.

2. Wash and Wipe

Using old towels, a vacuum cleaner, and a hose or broom, go crazy.

There’s a good chance that cobwebs, dust bunnies, and an accumulation of dirt are just sitting there begging to be left alone.

Do not oblige.

This job is about commitment, and at some point in the future when you need to run out there in the dark of night to grab your old Pink Floyd albums, you’ll be glad you didn’t.

3. Organize Visually

Vertical storage is an efficient approach, as it allows you to decide storage height based on frequency of use. Things used least will go at the top.

If you enjoy aesthetic, consider color coding. For example, the blue wall indicates tools; the red area specifies yearly decorations; the yellow unit is for the kids’ toys.

Add to or build shelves with heavy-duty shelving and plastic or metal bins from your local home and hardware store. Hammer nails into the wall to act as hooks and use racks for brooms and rakes. You can find wall-mounting bike racks online or in stores for under $15.

4. For More Space Add a New Structure

If you have the land and a few extra bucks, steel buildings offer extra storage and a wide range of shapes and sizes.

From car ports and garages to barns and large buildings, you can add to your storage space in a week or less.

5. Sit Back and Enjoy.

Reward yourself by plopping one of those preserved lawn chairs onto your driveway and admiring your new sanctuary that still smells of oil but has the look of ingenious reformation. You deserve it.

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Neil Hanks considers himself an expert in all things real estate & home improvement.  He has come to learn that sometimes you need to simply expand your space, & recommends when doing so to consider the resources provided by Future Steel Buildings to learn more visit future-steel-buildings.com.

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