3 Things Home Staging Can Teach us About Life

When putting your home on the market, you often hear advice on how to stage your home. Home staging means creating an environment that shows your home at its best: no clutter lying around, no dirty dishes on the counter, and no dust around the baseboard.

Have you ever wondered, though, what our homes would be like if we lived like a potential buyer could come in at any minute? Here are 3 things that we can learn from home staging and apply to our everyday homemaking efforts:

5 Things Home Staging Can Teach Us

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1.  Organized and tidy doesn’t equal unlivable.

When a seller is staging their home, they remove piles of unprocessed mail and dirty laundry. For the seller who’s living in his or her home until it sells, that means keeping it tidy at all times.

This might seem exhausting, but you’ll soon find that keeping your house tidy and uncluttered will actually make life easier!

It’s a question of habits: Get into the habit of putting shoes away in the closet, putting the dishes away, tidying away the mail and making the beds. You’ll get used to it quickly and find your home much more relaxing.

2.  Don’t get caught unawares.

How many times have you been horrified by the condition of your home when an unannounced visitor arrives?

For a homeowner staging their home for sale, being unprepared for company could mean the difference between a buyer making an offer or walking out.

If your home tends to be too messy for company, pretend that it’s on the market. You’ll be much more aware of clutter as it happens, as well as of chores that need doing.

That way, if an unexpected visitor does arrive, you won’t find yourself trying to confine them to the front porch or apologizing for the mess on your kitchen table.

3.  Deal with issues as they arise.

If a seller is staging their home, they don’t want minor issues to become a real problem that could turn buyers away.

At any sign of plumbing issues, pest infestations, structural problems, peeling paint or clocked drains, a home seller will take of it right away.

This is an example for everyone, even if you’re not selling your home. By staying on top of issues as they occur, you can enjoy your home much more fully while avoiding major hassles and expenses.

Keeping tidy, ready for guests and taking care of problems right away will give you time to enjoy the most important aspect of owning a home: living in it.

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Author Bio:

Adrienne Erin is a writer and design student who loves trying her hand at interior design, be it for her living room or a friend’s unruly closet. She writes about everything from staycations to rat repellent from her small apartment with ridiculously tall ceilings that was built in 1900.


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