DIY Projects that Increase the Value of your Home

DIY Projects to Improve Home Value

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One of the biggest decisions that one makes related to a property is the decision to sell their home. Relocation due to official and family commitments is one of the major reasons for selling. But the diminishing value of the dwelling can act as a major hurdle when it comes to resale.

Even though the property value goes up, depreciation might pull down the cost of the home. But there are some DIY (Do It Yourself) projects that can increase the resale value of your home.

1. Living and Dining Room

A fresh coat of paint can change the entire appearance of the living and dining area. In case there is any flaw in the wall space which is difficult to rectify with paint, then wall decals can do the trick.

As far as flooring is concerned, a polished floor can definitely provide newness to the room. Rugs or carpets can be used to augment the overall appearance. A change in lighting, drapery/blinds and the likeare a few of the things that will provide the room with a fresh look. Kitchen: In most of the kitchens, a major portion is occupied by cabinets. But changing the cabinetry can be very expensive. A fresh coat of paint or new handles can easily give the cabinets a new appearance.

If the kitchen is small, make sure to provide a light color on the cabinetry. Wall mounted racks and holders can be used to free up counter space and give the kitchen a larger feel.

2. DIY Bedroom Projects

Apart from painting and polishing, due consideration should be given to the closet. A change in handles, and new decorative trim and panels can make the wardrobe look new without spending a huge amount of money.

Since in modern homes, a major part of the bedroom wall is occupied by the walk-in, care should be taken in choosing the color. If the room is small, then light colors should be provided to create the illusion of space.

3. Bathroom Renos

This is one room where major changes happens when remodeling the house. Since all bathroom fixtures and fittings are subject to fast change, there is a need to upgrade the bathroom with the latest ones. A change in faucets, knobs and towel racks can make the room look stylish without burning a hole in the pocket. It is better to coordinate all these as it can provide a uniform look.

If the bathroom has enough space and if your budget allows, then a wall mounted vanity and sliding shower door would look great in the bathroom.

Apart from the above tips certain fundamentals like a well-manicured lawn and an attractive garage can make the house look appealing to prospective buyers.

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  1. Pinterest has so many awesome home DIY projects!

  2. Shaun says:

    Nice tips. Also think about the outside garden as it will be the first point that potential customer have their first impression. Therefore having simple elegant design will always creates good deals

  3. Ed Oliver says:

    This is a really useful article – with the right tools and ideas, the value of your home can increase by huge amounts!

  4. Cathy says:

    Thanks for your tips on DIY for the home. I think it’s good to learn some basics on plumbing and plumbing tools before any DIY on a bathroom.

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