Tips For Painting Your Home For Sale

Paint not only delivers the first impression but it imprints the last impression in a potential buyer’s mind on the way out of your home. An attractive paint job is an important aspect of staging a home. Painting the interior of a home for sale implies a careful consideration for color, size, and condition. Bad paint selections can be very distracting and impede the buyers’ ability to imagine themselves in your home—and the key to a sale is to leave room for imagination. Here are some tips for painting your home before selling to ensure a successful sale.

Kitchen Paint ColorsColors

Choosing colors for your home can always seem stressful. First, consider the size of the room you are painting and how it relates to color:

Light—Light colors are used to provide a spacious feel to rooms. They expand the size of rooms which makes for a grand presentation. Lighter colors also reflect a sense of cleanliness which is always beneficial.

Dark— Dark colors tend to make rooms more compact; so a dark choice of color wouldn’t be preferable in a smaller sized room, because it would only condense the space even smaller than it originally looked.

Neutral colors play a role in being less distracting and allowing potential buyers to imagine their own styles, ideas, and preferences. If you’re worried about what colors to use, simply stick to a neutral color palate of whites, greys and beiges.

Up to Date Paint Colors

You want to keep your painted walls in good condition and with an updated appearance. Remove painted designs or distracting wallpaper before you sell.  Discolored, faded or otherwise old paint deserves a fresh coating. Here a few signs you need to repaint:

Peeling paint

Paint bubbles

Running paint

Room by Room

Neutral paint color living room

Light, neutral colors make rooms feel larger.

There are optimal colors for each room in the house. Starting with the kitchen, let’s find out which colours are best for each:

Kitchen— The symbolism behind colors comes into play here. Kitchen walls should be “appetizing,” if that is possible. The color should not put one off one’s dinner!

Bathroom— Smaller-sized rooms should have lighter colors, and the bathroom is traditionally the smallest room in a home.

Bedroom—Bedrooms can be a variety of colors, but they should always be soothing & restful. For example, a bedroom with an outdoor balcony may play well with natural colors or neutral tones.

It’s best to leave as much of your personality as possible out of the picture when it comes to painting your walls. Take care to choose the right neutral colors when getting your house ready for a sale in order to maximize light and space for potential buyers.

Author Bio

Neil Hanks is a Canadian freelance writer from the greater Toronto area. He knows the advantages of staging a home, and the features that can make or break the sale. It’s easy to make a home look like new again with a fresh coat of paint. Although Neil usually promotes DIY, if you are wary of working alone be sure to consult a painting professional like the best painters Toronto has to offer.


  1. Randy Jones says:

    I completely agree with your point that every section of your house requires different paint colours which make them different from each other. Its up to us that which colour we should choose for each section as every person have a different choice.

  2. Reena says:

    Well, You are article made my day, I will go through this Soon. I need to update my wall colors.

    Thank You

  3. Tim says:

    Yes lighter colors do wonders for a home. Especially wherever there are a good number of windows. The light colors combined with natural sunlight makes everything brighter and the whole room looks even more beautiful. It’s amazing how effective a well thought out, quality paint job can be when selling a home. Even hiring a professional who has experience in painting interiors for the purpose of preparing a home for sale is a great option as well. They know these guidelines and are well skilled in their trade if they have a good track record. Overall great article and great read for anyone looking to paint their home to get it ready to sell.

  4. Anne says:

    Good article. I didn’t know that we have to think so much about the paint colour before we put up a house for sale. Thanks for the info.

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