4 Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector

Questions to ask your home inspectorA home inspection is an invaluable tool for evaluating your current home and / or the potential of a new home.  While the process seems fairly straightforward, there is one thing homeowners and home buyers often overlook: asking questions.

Below we have listed the top 4 questions you shouldn’t hesitate to ask your home inspector.

1. How long have you been a home inspector?

It might just sound like some friendly conversation, but this is a very important question!  One of the most valuable qualities in a home inspector is experience.  It is a bonus if they are a part of a professional organization such as the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors.  If your inspector is a part of a professional organization, you will be able to find the required credentials and it will give you a better idea of the educational background and experience of your inspector.

2. How long will the inspection last and how much will it cost?

The time it will take to complete an inspection and the overall cost is, of course, dependent on the size and age of the home.  An experienced home inspector will be able to give you a rough estimate in advance of your inspection.

A typical home inspection will take anywhere between one and a half to three hours, and will cost between $250 to $500.  When comparing the potential costs that could arise from an issue with the home, the cost of an inspection is very affordable.

3. Could you point that out/explain that?

The Home Inspection Network always recommends that buyers and homeowners attend their home inspection appointment and ask questions of the inspector as they go.  A qualified and experienced home inspector will walk you through the house and point out areas of interest (good and bad).  You should feel comfortable in asking your inspector questions as you go.

If you’re unable to attend your home inspection appointment, when you’re reading through the inspection report – you should feel free to ask the inspector follow-up questions if any sections require further clarification.  There are no silly questions when it comes to understanding the home.

4. What should I fix first?

When reading the inspection report the scope of the work involved for each repair or fix might not be readily apparent, and neither will the cost, so it is better to get an idea of this and what areas might be most important to address by discussing it with your home inspector.  Home inspectors can help you to prioritize the work that you need to have done on the home and make the best decisions for your health, safety, and peace of mind.

It is important that you have an active and vocal part in the home inspection process, as this will only increase the insight you will gain from your home inspection.

About The Home Inspection Network

Karla Watson wrote this article for the Home Inspection Network. The Home Inspection Network L.P. is a network of experienced, professional and highly-qualified home inspectors, designed to meet the evolving home inspection needs of consumers, and other industry stakeholders.  The company conducts the extensive background due diligence necessary to assemble the network of high quality and well trained home inspectors, providing a one-stop-shop for all price points and types of inspections, including specialty inspections.  The Home Inspection Network’s best in class customer service, technology, experience and infrastructure is supported by its affiliate, Brookfield RPS.

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  1. Larry says:

    This is a good starting point for selecting a home inspector. One more question to add is can I see a sample report to be sure it is comprehensive and easy to read. Also how soon the home inspection report will be delivered after inspection is complete.

  2. Thanks for the tips! My kids are starting school soon, so I want to move to an area that has a better school district. There are a few homes that I would like to look into buying, but it seems more important to have each of them inspected to make sure that they’re all safe for my family to live in. I liked your point about asking how long an inspection will last and the cost for the inspection. It helps to know to plan for each inspection to take at least one and a half to three hours, and that they’ll cost me anywhere between $250 to $500.

  3. michael@michaelhachem.com says:

    Carter that’s a great point. Every agent should really stress the importance of a home inspection.

  4. Carter says:

    Definitely some great questions to start with. Getting a thorough home inspection done is so important. I don’t understand why people are so willing to get an inspection done by a mechanic for a $10,000 car but hesitant about an inspection for a $300,000 home. It baffles me.

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