Renewing the Garage Into a Selling Point: 6 Tips

Renewing the Garage into a Selling Point

If you’re selling your house soon you may want to give it some added value. If you’re fortunate enough to have a garage, you can create a general all-purpose, malleable space. First, transform your garage from a disaster into a palace. Next, take the following garage improvement steps to turn that shell of a space into a selling point and a blank canvas for the next owners.

1. Fixing those Floors

Garage Floor

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One of the first things we notice when stepping into an old garage is their banged up, cracked, dingy and pitted floors. Make it a clean and neutral space for the next owners by having the floors epoxied or polished in a neutral color to give them a clean smooth satin or glossy surface.

2. Wire your Garage up for more Versatility

Older garages typically have a lack of power outlets, and the ones they do have are usually in odd places. Before adding nicer walls, add more power outlets around each wall, to allow for more work space versatility.

While you’re at it, you may as well add a wired Ethernet and cable connection to the garage to increase the possibilities of what can be done with the new space, like converting it into an office or entertainment space.

3. Walls Worth Living In

A lot of older garages have exposed two by four structural innards. Add insulation to the walls, hang dry wall and apply a neutral coat of paint that the new owners could easily paint over to their liking to give your garage’s inside a clean and comfortable feel.

If your garage already is dry walled, patch up and fix any dents or holes. If it’s really bad you may want to consider re-dry walling.

Renovated Garage

Make your garage a space that’s fun to spend time in.

4. Adding a Ceiling/Attic

To give your garage a homier feel, install a ceiling. You may want to hire a contractor for this. By adding a ceiling you’re giving the garage even more versatility.

The new attic could be used for storage space, a mini bedroom for guests or renters, or even a kid’s hang out area. Be sure to give this new room the same comforts as the room below by adding outlets, insulating and dry walling the ceiling/walls of the attic. Leave the floor unfinished to keep the new owners’ options open.

5. Renewing the Outside

If the garage is wood and you want to keep it wood, a fresh coat of paint will suffice. However, to make your garage more appealing to buyers, consider adding different siding like aluminum, seamless steel, stucco or, if you can afford it, stone. These will make your garage pop out even before they see the improvements inside.

6. Make it a Selling Point

You can also consider adding air conditioning (window or central). A security system may be a good idea, since this new area is likely to be used for more than storing old junk. Completing these improvements will turn something you looked over into a major stop in the house tour.

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  1. The man cave is a tricky topic. Coming from a mans prospective, the garage is the most important part of the house. We store our prized possessions “vroom vroom”, our tools and materials for future renovations. My garage is all about storage, with two overhead compartments and plenty of shelving and tool lockers, My garage can hold more than most. Think storage to capture our attention.

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